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A couple of stories...

Hello everyone-

I hope this update finds everyone well and enjoying the reopening.  I wanted to share some quotes from a few of the families that have applied for assistance from SPiN.

Beth M. - "My husband unexpectedly passed away in March. I have two twin adolescent boys with special needs. Thank you so very much❤ It's so nice everyone is so wonderful God Bless🙏"

Laura D. - "My daughter (2 yrs old) has autism... & i have 2 more kids thing are very rough right now any help is truly appreciated."

Helen R. - "My family has been struggling financially due to COVID. I have two sons with Autism and they both have other health/mental health concerns too."

That's just a sample.  So please, share this campaign with your friends and ask them to donate.  And once again, thank you for your generosity!

With gratitude,