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Support Us, Support Women and Girls in Need

We are thrilled to be able to officially announce that the charity we  are supporting is the Dress for Success® Singapore programme managed by registered charity Image Mission. So when you support us when buying a styling session, you will also be helping a woman or girl in real need.

Read more about Image Mission below, and their campaign to help vulnerable women during this period.

About Campaign

Women are bearing the brunt of the COVID-19 disruption. The impact on our clients is particularly serious as many are among the most economically vulnerable in Singapore. A recent survey of our clients shows that:
- 66% lost their job or had their job suspended
- 75% are experiencing financial hardship
- 60% are mothers; 2 in 3 are single mothers

Our clients need to find gainful employment to be able to meet more than daily expenses. This is especially so for those who are sole breadwinners and have dependents.

We have introduced virtual services to meet our clients' pressing needs for employment support. A donation will provide a vulnerable woman with access to online resources in these difficult times. If you are able, please use your $600 Solidarity Payout to help those in need. Donations are tax exempt and will be dollar-matched by the Bicentennial Community Fund.

Every little bit helps. When you help a woman thrive, you help her family thrive.

About the Charity

Image Mission Ltd is the first charity of its kind in Singapore to promote the economic independence of the disadvantaged by providing free job interview coaching and professional attire.

We are an independent registered charity, with IPC status since 2017. We manage Dress for Success Singapore as an affiliate of international non profit organisation Dress for Success Worldwide.

In Singapore, some 10,000 women from disadvantaged backgrounds are unemployed. Many come from low income households. Most have young children with no financial support. Some are victims of domestic violence, have mental health challenges or a disability.

With a job, they have the means to work towards financial independence and break out of the poverty cycle. Your donation will go towards running the Dress for Success Singapore programme to empower these women build a brighter future for themselves and their families!