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Final tally for the campaign: $16,336!!!  I am so humbled with gratitude to everyone who backed the campaign! We will now be going underground for a few weeks while the bags and straps are made at the factory and we get ready to ship everything out! The best place to follow the progress is on the Facebook page or on our site.

So what's next?

We hope to have all the items from the initial run at the factory by October to send out to all of our incredible backers. This crowd fund enabled me to preorder more stock to have on hand to continue the business forward. Once I have those all preorders are sent, I will shift gears to focus on the following 3 things:
1- eCommerce: I will be putting the extra stock onto my site and will also test channels like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy 
2- Retail: I will be hitting the pavement to try to convince retailers (both online and brick and mortar) to give me a PO (Purchase Order) to order another big stock for their stores. This will most likely include attending conferences in an attempt to show retailers why they will NEED to stock Litty Bird, trying to find my way into QVC/HSN, as well as approaching smaller local retailers. I will now get to say "In the month we had these for purchase, we drove over $16K in sales!" 
3- PR: I will be working with bloggers and other content creators to send some samples out and try to drum up some reviews and press about my invention to help drive awareness of the brand and seed the first two channels. 

I'm sure it's a long, winding, bumpy road ahead but this kickstart is exactly what was needed to give this business a chance. Thank you for being here at the ground floor! 

Let's fly!