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We're 100% funded! 📣🥳 with still 21 days left to go!


📣🥳Our @ifundwomen crowdfunding campaign is officially 100% funded! With 21 days still left! 

*cue the confetti (!)

🙏🏼On a serious note, the reason why this is such a huge deal is that female founders receive ONLY 2.2% of $130 billion in VC funding... those aren't good numbers. While we're not raising millions of dollars.. every $ counts for a small business like ours. And this is only the beginning. 

my hopes from this successful campaign (and company in general) is to show women and girls everywhere that we can achieve what seems to be the impossible and that no dream is too big for us. 

💐Thank you for believing in our dreams just like how we believe in YOURS. Without your contribution and support, growing Coconut Whisk wouldn't be a reality. 

🍪Our limited-edition rewards will start the fulfillment process once the campaign is officially over (June 1st)-- that means there's still time let your friends and family know! Let's keep the party going!

*If we get to $7k we'll be giving away 2 bundles instead of just one and will be sharing an exciting announcement! 

with so much love and gratitude,

Bella & Team Coconut