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Jewelry and Frame rewards scheduled to ship in March!

Hello, Lovely Cymbals of Strength Supporters -

Those of you who backed the campaign at the T-Shirt and Magnet rewards levels should have received your merch by now. Please let me know if you have not.

March will be all about making the Cymbals of Strength jewelry and frames. My new desktop CNC mill, which will handle the engraving, is set up on my workbench and almost ready to go.

The newly renovated garage workspace still needs some organizing to be fully functional, but I'm making plenty of use of it as it is right now. The renovation was a game-changer! I'll take you all on a virtual tour after I get a couple of tool stands set up and a few boxes cleared away.

I plan to ship the rest of the rewards by the end of March. In the meantime, stay safe, healthy, and strong!