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We Have Some Good News For Once!

Freelancers now qualify for unemployment insurance. 

“After weeks of advocacy and thanks to the leadership of Sen. Chuck Schumer, freelance workers are now eligible to receive unemployment insurance as provided for in the federal stimulus bill passed on Friday. Emergency unemployment insurance for all is one of the many measures we have been fighting for to provide relief to the freelance community during the COVID-19 pandemic. “ Freelancers Union

Good news for the NY workforce but we still have a long way to go. New York City is now the epicenter of the coronavirus, with a projected mortality rate of 100,000 by August! Social Distancing and mitigation has been extended until April 30th, meaning workers will continue to be without income. 

The relief package will provide a much needed support for workers, and we can provide additional assistance if you pledge to support this campaign. All it takes is a like or share with family members and friends! 

We’d like to thank our friends at iFundWomen and the Creative Collective NYC for using their platform to help increase visibility for this campaign. 

Until next time. Stay safe New York!