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10 days left!

Hey, there!


There are 11 days left in our crowdfunding campaign and I wanted to hop on here and give a HUGE thank you to everyone that has donated so far. We are a little less than $10,000 away from our funding goal! We could not have gotten this close without your help! Thank you so very much!


If you notice, our funding goal has changed. We lowered the funding goal because we will be completing our first round of production in the United States. While this will be a very proud accomplishment for us, it makes production more expensive.


Producing in the U.S. means we are able to order a smaller production run from the manufacturer. This lowers the overall production cost in addition to the number of signature products available for purchase.  


We want to make sure we are staying transparent throughout this whole process and keeping you updated every step of the way. Thank you for your continued support!



Makeda Mikael