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In the midst of the storm - we are here 🌪👩🏻‍🚀

Hey kickass humans, 

I hope you are well and safe. It's crazy times. Fear, uncertainty, and lack of guidance.

But a time to reflect, think, and redirect. A second shot. 

Someone told me it's as if someone had put its finger in the hamster loopwiel of life. Too fast, too frenetic. And a pause.

We've been overwhelmed by the support of our members - thank you. Your trust and will to now understand how to work on what we can:  build a strong underlying immune system.

Our first video here, and we are working on adapting the app to support you: . Stacy Sims of our team there as well.  

See you there, kickass humans. 

I love you, we love you, we are together, and we will come out of this period stronger 🤟💥✊

Helene, and the WILD.AI team