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Life lovers: we are 90% there. And we are here đź’›

Every day, every hour.  

Who would have thought, imagined? 

That things would change, so dramatically. 

We are scared, too. 

But we are here.  

We wondered if it made sense: what makes sense? What is important? Who do we love? What should we do? Should we even pursue?

And then we realized something surprising. More sign-ups. More demand. Messages. Our wild women want to know, how can they boost their baseline immune system.

Our world is changing, we are changing. Our focus is changing. We were training for races, we are now shifting our gear to the very beginning of health: how can we strengthen our immune system. 

We are together in this. 

Thank you for your support, we are here. 

We love you,

Helene, Stacy, Mike,  Sahana, Theo, Bevan, and Adidas 💛💛