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Going into 2021



Tis Jimanekia. I hope you are doing the best that you can. And you are remembering to stay hydrated and stretching your bodies.

I wanted to give you an update and to be honest about what has been happening on our end. 

We were slated to have the retreat in APRIL 2020, of course with covid things had to be changed. We have been going back and forth with the retreat center. We have had multiple lawyers, and at this point, the retreat center is just not responding. And with that, they are withholding over $25,000 of our fundraised funds.

To hear the full story we recorded a podcast which you can find anywhere you listen to your podcast by searching for TRAUMA QUEEN. 

Apple Podcast:


Everything had not been fully awful and we are STILL PUSHING THROUGH!

Many of you may have received an email that the goal was met for the retreat and the organization. But with working with AMEX they have extended the date, as to allow for us to possibly receive mroe support.

We were chosen by American Express to receive a grant and join their 100 for 100 program. I Jimanekia will be working with them starting in January.  And I am ecstatic to learn so much more about business. You can find out more here: 100 For 100 | American Express

With receiving the $25,000 grant. WE have been able to recoup some of the lost and unreturned money. And we were thankful to return the money to the survivors that they paid exactly to the retreat center.

So what does that mean moving forward? We have to continue fundraising to continue recouping and exceeding our goal.

You all will be receiving a tax write off at the beginning of the year. That is apart of our thank you. Due to being Fiscally sponsored by the Effing Foundation.

We will be holding an online summit in 2021. We are bringing on someone specifically for continued grant writing and fundraising. And we have a few more things, that I want to roll out to continue supporting survivors. Those that have marginalized identities as well as those that do not identify this way.


Ways to help: 

- If possible donating again.( you will receive a tax write off ALWAYS)

-Sharing the podcast and campaign with a friend

-Rallying with us. We have to continue to FIGHT against the system. We are trying to focus on the positive and the movement forward. In the podcast, you will hear we named the retreat center once.

I know there are other ways, but they escape me at this time.



For believing in my dream, for supporting survivors, and for showing up. 


-Jimanekia+ TTG Team