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Ask and we shall receive :)

Helllo lovely Humans! 

We are really doing this!! 

Honestly I am having all the feels happy, anxious, excited, whewww. Luckily I just came back from the gym because BALANCE IS KEY!

Even with Mercury Retrograde we've managed to raise almost $4,000 in no time at all. We heard that a LOT of folks had trouble donating over the weekend. Apparently iFundWomen was unable to accept donations for a certain number of hours while their site was under construction. I have two things to say about that; (1) The new site is cute!! I love the new yellow fund button, (2) If you had trouble donating, dust yourself off and try again! (or if you know others that had struggles donating, let them know!!) They have assured us that things are back up and running smoothly. If you have any other struggles please SEND US A MESSAGE ON IFUNDWOMEN AND INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS :)

Retrograde is supposed to teach us about patience and she has certainly tried my patience enough this past week lol. Anyone else having trouble with technology and communication? 

If you were one of the amazing individuals who promoted the campaign, pls keep sharing! Every eye on this fundraiser is another chance to make sure we reach our goal. 

Love you all,