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Refining content & commerce through collaboration for modern day women with blockchain technology.

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Project Description

unblcd is a home for women to learn, collab, and capitalize on the emerging technologies (blockchain, NFTs), currencies (crypto) and cultural shifts rewiring our world. Our mission is to make sure all voices are part of building & capitalizing on the future as they see fit.

The Problem -- history is repeating itself, yet again: Currently, blockchain, crypto, and web 3.0/the metaverse are heavily dominated by men.  Many women believe they are uninterested in this space. We believe, that's simply because the applications of these technologies to-date have been engineered by men, for men. The bottom line is, that these technologies are rewiring our world and it's vital women are part of building the future in a way that best serves us and future generations.

Our Solution -- together, we build a brighter, more equitable digital future: Our vision is to build an ecosystem for women change-makers, builders, and creators to connect, create, and capitalize on our evolving digital landscape (i.e., web 3.0) We plan to do that through:

  • Content: we know women are brilliant, busy, and don't have time for BS. We're here to educate them on all things metaverse (i.e. blockchain, crypto, and Web 3.0) in a way that's interesting, digestible and contextual. Our goal is to arm them with the knowledge, tools, and confidence needed to capitalize on emerging opportunities of web 3.0.
  • Commerce: we're reimagining retail for the world of web 3.0, where ownership, community, and value define success. Each 'MVP' initiative will be engineered for women consumers, creators & entrepreneurs to expose them to the new technologies that are transforming our world in a way that’s most interesting, exciting, and valuable to them.
  • Collaboration: Our community-run architecture, allows members to collaborate on projects, share ownership and, of course, make money. Additionally, we will leverage learnings from our community to push forward unblcd's mission at large, inform what we build and how we can deliver the most value now and in the future.

The Opportunity -- baseline marketshare that is rapidly growing:

  • 55% of the people that started businesses in 2020 were women
  • 43% of the world's entrepreneurs are women
  • 67% of women are interested in investing in new assets classes outside of retirement  (up 44% from 2018)
  • NFT Sales in Q3'21: $10 Billion
  • Existing Independent Creators: 400 Million
  • Revenue Generated From Creator Economy: $104 billion

Fundraising Goal -- $100,000.00 we are seeking funding for 'phase 1' of our go-to-market strategy to hire talent to build, grow, and scale in the following areas:

  • Scale Content:
    • Details: educate more women to get them interested, engaged & excited.
    • Goal: Build community and extend reach.
  • New-Age Digital Pop-Up:
    • Details: designed for web 3.0 and women. Our launch pop-up is centered around the theme of collaboration and 'unblocking our power' as a collective. As a consumer, you can think of it as a one-stop-shop place to buy, connect and support collaborations from your favorite female creators + founded brands. As a creator / seller, you can think about it as a new way to collaborate, provide value to your community, and drive revenue --  all while dipping your toes in the world of web 3.0 + NFTs.
    • Goals: 
      • Introduce female consumers, creators, and sellers to NFTs, blockchain technology, and web 3.0 in a way that's most native, interesting, and valuable to them.
      • Drive revenue (through sales)
  • Test. Learn. Iterate:
    • Details: collect insights on all of the above to strategically inform:
      • How we scale content strategy and our (decenteralized) community per how we can maximize the value it provides to our members 
      • Inform our next commerce experience and exactly how we execute it (contact us to learn more on our roadmap).

Our Team -- we believe female + like-minded partnerships are the most powerful fuel on the planet:

  • Dayna Trocki DeStefano, Founder & CEO -- get to know here here and here
  • Joanne Sarah, Crypto Expert & Founding Partner
  • Other team member profiles (contact us for personal details as needed):
    • 2x Content Creator + Video Editor
    • 2x Content Strategist + Community Manager
    • 1x Product Manager
    • 1x Operations Manager

Thank you for anyone that took the time to review our campaign. We so deeply appreciate everyone, big and small, that supports our mission. We truly are here to build a brighter, more equitable future for ourselves, our children, and future generations and we hope you will join us on this epic journey. 

Xo, Dayna and team unblcd


The Campaign FAQs

Please reach out to Dayna directly ( with questions, partnership inqueries, digital pop-up one-sheet and/or pitch deck link.