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Trappinn The Label: Providing creative freedom

An independent label for the independent, budding artist.

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Project Description

Trappinn The Label is an independent label that supports the independent budding artist. We take the load of many business aspects of the creative pursuit. By booking and paying for things such as studio sessions, art supplies, studio spaces...etc we take the load of the artist by providing a professional, safe and independent relationship between the artist and the services they require. This way the artist will be free to work on their creative endeavors and put the best product out. Creatives continue to list financial hardships and lack of resources as a block that holds them back from producing and living of their work. We can maybe be a small but effective solution to this problem here at Trappinn The Label. We will employ our funds, employees and resources to create a network for quick and fast services for artists and funding options to their creative endeavors. Which in turn improves financial and mental health of a lot of artists that we will inquire on our roster. Producing healthy, educated and informed artists will also help boost the economy.

Trappinn the Label is a woman founded company pushing the boundaries everyday by bridging the gap and being a positive representation in male dominated industries, the music and entertainment industries. We will be enabling other women to lead by not only employing women but also providing a great women's and maternity friendly programs within our company. Also our platform supports and inclusively funds women artist that apply. We are pushing the boundaries by giving the artist 98% artistic freedom to enable great and authentic production of material in an industry that restricts and controls artists. We not only focus on the availability and monetization of the artists but specifically on the health and productivity of the artists. We initially lift the financial load of the creative aspect then we lift the weight of business processing leaving the artist pressure free and fully available to the creative process. 


Trappinn The Label will provide good paying, livable wages to our employees and great, accessible and life changing services to our artists. 


The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

How will the campaign's funds be allocated?

Paying base salaries to operational employees.

 Hiring and acquiring new talent 

Setting budgets for artists' creative endeavors and aiding in successfully executing there projects and plans. 

Marketing and budgeting plans for flow and stability of business model.





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Monetary Contribution

Just Because I Care

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