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Trailside Coffee Company

Providing a groovy atmosphere with a local flavor!

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Project Description

Trailside Coffee Company strives to support local while being local. I share space with a bike shop, 2 of my passions! Coffee and bikes! My dog Charlie gets to come with me everyday and let's just say he is way more popular than me. Haha! I have always been passionate about bringing people together over a cup of really good coffee, one they can talk about. :) I fell in love with coffeeshops at a young age and it warms my heart to have a place for people to come enjoy.

My pride and joy, Charlie.
The Springdale bike club that meets every Tuesday. :)


Since Covid I have been struggling to make my normal supply orders and the plans I had for expanding have vanished for the most part. I started on my own with a couple business loans that I am still paying off for the next year. This has been a huge reason why I am hesitant to get more loans. 

If I was able to get the funds to keep my dream alive I could make it so much more and provide in so many ways! I would love to have adopt a dog days, trash pick up days, things that get everyone involved to help out! 

A day for dogs! An event I like to do every year. I provide bandanas and treats, you bring your pooch!

I carry a variety of coffees, smoothies, teas, homemade pastries, and homemade ice cream. I use fruits from the farmers markets (The Jones Center market is my usual), coffees from a couple local roasters (Mountain Bird Coffee and Tea Co. & Joyhouse Coffee Co.) and pastries are made from me, my mom, and a retired school teacher that makes the BEST muffins! It's a team effort.

Mocha <3
My homemade French vanilla ice cream that gets used for so many things! An affogato (espresso over ice cream), rootbeer floats, milkshake, or just by itself!
Ms. B's famous Nutella muffin!

I am seeking funding to help keep my little shop alive. Winter time is coming and the foot traffic for me slows to a minimum. I am worried I may not make it through with all the events that have been canceled, on top of slow days. This would mean so much to me! My heart and soul has been in this business for 4 years now. I will never give up but I need a little love at the moment.

Over the years I have had an amazing amount of help from my mom mostly, other family members, and close friends. I wouldn't be here without them.

My mom and I. I wouldn't have my shop if it wasn't for all her help. Love her more than words!

I want to thank you all so much for your support and time! People like you are who make this world go round. You are so loved and appreciated! <3


The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

How did I get started?

I have been working as a barista since I was 16. I am 34 now and still love every minute of it. I have worked in coffeeshops here in Arkansas, Colorado, and California. In 2015 I decided to make the leap. I spent 3 months writing a business plan, went to numerous banks to find a loan, and then made my dream come true!

How old is Charlie and what is he?

He is a full grown male Aussie and he turned 4 in May. I got him when I opened my shop so he could be with me everyday. Best birthday present I have ever gotten myself. :)

What is my favorite coffee?

The mocha breve, on ice. ;)




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Just Because I Care

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