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I’m looking to raise $50,000 to get my women’s self care line off to an amazing start. We have a range of vegan body care and lingerie

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Project Description

Vegan Ice scream Soap

      At TheSugarPot LLC our main goal is to give our customers the confidence they need to keep striving to become better daily. Self-confidence is linked to many aspects  in our lifes it can give us less anxiety, more motivation and can sometimes improve  relationships. Our body products are handcrafted desserts that look and smell delicious and make your bath time a fun and more intimate experience.  . 
           Over the past few years, governments of several countries have been banning harmful chemicals used in cosmetics and personal care products in order to promote organic, herbal, and all-natural soaps. This is further fueled by growing consumer awareness regarding synthetic chemicals present in toiletries like hand and bathing soaps. In addition, consumer preference for natural ingredients in personal care products is supported by the efforts of various certification bodies such as The International Natural and Organic Cosmetics Association (NATRUE). The association mandated that at least 95.0% of physically processed agro-ingredients in rinse-off products such as soaps and shampoo must be organic. These initiatives, and evolving consumer trends are expected to boost product demand over forecast period the This is a great opportunity because the market is going to rise from 120.61 million usd to 350.68 million us dollars ny 2025                 

  •     There are many handmade personal care products based in the US, but theSugarPots vision is create to a great extend of cute bakery shaped body care products.We plan to incorparate things that make us women feel confidentTheSugarPot wants to give there customers the oppurtunity to have a personal experience because you should be all about YOU and we should too.  
  •      theSugarPot LLC is seeking funding to expand and make the vision come to light. I would spend the fundings buying the best ingredients for the products, better packaging more marketing as in paid promotion , I would expand the lingerie line and add clothing products as well 

  • I’m the only person on my team as of right now.Thank you to the bankers who took the time to read and listen to my vision in a company hopefully someone gives me the opportunity to bring my vision to life 


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