The Cube Cowork

The Cube Cowork is Maryland's first membership based coworking space that offers BABYSITTING services.

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Project Description

Our Story

One of the principal challenges I faced as a mom entrepreneur is learning how to balance the requirements of my child with the needs of my business and other areas of life. Because of those challenges I created The Cube, a co-working space where moms can escape the traditional or home office environment with the ability to utilize babysitting services and conference room space. The Cubes’ mission is to provide co-working space for the current or aspiring mom entrepreneur at an affordable cost. The Cube helps moms to get things done without the stress of finding a babysitter or paying high daycare fees. The Cube is a membership-based model where our members are provided a plethora of services that are included but not limited to the following: Work Space, Conference Room Space, Babysitting Services, basic office necessities and other business building tools.

Through The Cube my goal is to help build more mom owned businesses allowing moms to see they don’t have to stop following their dreams because they are moms. According to a 2010 study by the U.S. Department of Commerce, Economics and Statistics Administration, women typically expect lower levels of business growth in terms of sales and employment. One explanation given is that women business owners, on average, are still spending more time dealing with childcare than their male counterparts. My goal is to change this statistic!

I am proud to launch The Cube because as a mom I know the struggles of finding a sitter and that whole balance thing.

Our Team

The Cube Cowork team consist of Tammira Lucas, CEO and TeKesha Jamison CFO.


Funding Needs

Meeting our fundraiser goal will allow us to implement programming to help our members grow their businesses as well as help us grow our marketing. Marketing is our biggest struggle right now due to lack of funds.