The Clean House Initiative

A Lifeline Environmental initiative to promote homes that are free of Asbestos and Lead for a cleaner housing stock in Baltimore City.

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Project Description

Did you know?

Even though Asbestos and Lead was banned in 1978 a lot of Baltimore City homes still contain these hazards?

 Our Mission

Lifeline Environmental’s mission is to serve commercial and residential clients in Maryland, DC, and Virginia with safe solutions to remove asbestos, lead, and other environmental hazards. We want to meet customers’ needs with education and problem-solving in their most critical environmental situations. We developed the Clean House Initiative to create a clean housing stock for all home buyers in Baltimore Maryland.

The problem:

Baltimore City is one of the oldest cities on the east coast with it just celebrating its 225th Birthday. So, it goes without saying that the housing stock is just as old. Building components like lead-based paint and asbestos-containing building material were widely used when these houses were constructed before they were banned in 1978. Currently, Baltimore is seeing a surge in development on commercial and residential properties alike. Because of the vast amount of vacant properties, the need for development is paramount. However, residential properties, unlike commercial properties, are being bought and sold every day under the “As Is” category which emphases that no repairs or work will be done by the owners before the sale.  These properties entice home buyers because of their seemingly affordable price tag but can have extensive environmental issues to the untrained eye.

What are we going to do about it?

As an environmental remediation company, Lifeline Environmental knows firsthand how delicate it is to express the need for removal and often the price is too much to handle without outside resources. We want to bring awareness to the plight of homeowners who are living with environmental hazards. Our Clean House Initiative wants Baltimore City to create a subsidy no less than $5,000.00 to assist homeowners, landlords, and developers with the costs of the removal of these hazards. We need your support to give it a voice.  By supporting Lifeline Environmental’s Clean House Initiative we can create a cleaner housing stock that will make these hazards a thing of the past where they belong, and that is just the beginning.


3 Main Points to The Clean House InitiativeIwantaCHIstickergreen

  • The Clean House Initiative will remove environmental hazards from vacant properties so future homeowners will not have to carry the burden of navigating a whole house abatement project that would otherwise uproot their entire household. We will be working with home buyers, developers, property managers, to showcase the first of many Clean House Initiative Houses in Baltimore.
  • The Clean House Initiative is a workforce development model:
    • Training local and returning citizens to do environmental remediation.
    • Hire to remove these hazards to return pride and ownership to the communities that
    • Live in the homes that they worked on as a work-release program.
  • The Clean House Initiative will become the new standard of the housing industry by improving regulations for residential properties and creating subsidies for homeowners to take advantage of for abatement projects on their home.

The Clean House Initiative will spur education and inclusion among current city residents among all the new development in the city. We need you to be a part of this change.

Why fund us?

This is the First Stage of the Clean House Initiative: Awareness and Scale

While you share our Clean House Initiative we will be offering Walkthroughs for Contributions to our Campain.

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20th Anniversary Benefit

20th Anniversary Benefit

Aisha Dorn and Mayor Michael Bloomberg

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