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"Taking A Chance When It Matters"

GreyGlyde Transit LLC is seeking crowdfunding to startup and grow our independent women owned Transportation Company, in Metro-Atlanta.

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Project Description

Greyglyde Transit LLC is a new independent women owned Transportation Company, serving the Metro Atlanta area. 

Our target market includes seniors, veterans, individuals with disabilities and disadvantaged Medicaid recipients. We are currently in the infancy stage of growth, diligently acquiring required certifications, documentation, equipment and other supplies, including COVID-19 material.

However, our Structural Development Team is very small at the moment, but yet we're very active in searching for available resources, technical assistance and/or funding opportunities to further our goals to assist the communities. 

The reality is, as any small business startup, funds are limited. The pandemic has an affect on families and businesses and we are here to help. The services that we provide would be beneficial both to health and safety of our target market and their families at such a critical moment. We are simultaneously building a brand that will most definitely be around for times to come, even after the pandemic. Our financial circumstances right now sort of hender us from properly serving our target market in the Metro Atlanta area at such a crucial time.

With the implementation of our business, it will better overall health outcomes in the communities, by eliminating so many backed up waiting lists for these types of services, as well as decrease the number of appointments missed due to the lack of consistency in the public and private transportation sector.

As a member of the Structural Development Team, my purpose is to create and maintain a productive customer service oriented environment for the community and my team. As having extensive experience in the transportation, health care and customer service industries with supervisory capabilities, I understand that it takes care and dedication to effectuate goals for safely and efficiently transporting clients to their health care appointments, with emphasis on elderly and disabled individuals.

We also offer home food delivery to seniors and disabled individual, and provide a specialized and unique family unification program, where we escort family and friends to particular local, state and federal Institutions to visit (spend quality time with) their loved ones.


The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What do you look for in a transportation service utilized to transport you and/or your loved ones to health related appointment?