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Project Description

DIFFERENT WRLD is a culture house ++ creative hub in Asheville, NC.

We are here to connect and support the underground arts and music scene, and to break down barriers of entry to the creative industry.


There are many barriers preventing creatives, especially those that are BIPOC, queer, or women, from making a living through their craft. Among them:

  • Lack of Resources: Many digital and fine arts require tools that are very expensive. From costly software to lighting gear, the basic tools that creatives need to produce their work can be unobtainable for financial reasons.  
  • Lack of Space: If creatives don't have space for a home-studio, the cost of studio space can be prohibitive.
  • Lack of Community Support: There is a widespread expectation that creatives should produce work for free for exposure.


Different Wrld aims to break down these barriers offering creatives the following:



A resource + tool library to get you to the next level.

DIFFERENT WRLD CREATIVE HUB will provide access to entry-level creative tools, available for use at a sliding scale to be as accessible as possible. We'll provide access to things like:.

We'll provide access to things like…

+ Photo studio and cameras to photograph your work

+ Podcast gear and studio to record a show

+ Video cameras and video editing software

+ Electronic music equipment like synthesizers, drum pads, dj equipment, and recording equipment



A safe space to create.

Our space is hyper-inclusive and we welcome all people, including and especially queer folx, BIPOC individuals, and women. We are here to support emerging artists and working creatives with what they need to create sustainable generational wealth that supports their quality of life.



Affordable or free educational opportunities.

We will connect with local creatives who have "made it" and are willing to offer seminars, workshops, or talks to help others break into creative fields as well. Topics may include:

+ The business side of being an artist

+ Navigating the confusing world of publishing

+ How to find an agent



Free connecting, networking and promotional opportunities:

At the coffee ++ bar, creatives can sit and work on their latest projects and chat with other creative people when they get stuck or need inspiration. At the event and music venue, creatives can take the stage and share their work with the community. We will offer:

+ Gallery style art shows of visual or interactive work

+ Performance art experiences like ballet, rap, or comedy

+ Panel discussions about the creative experience

+ A venue for local and emerging musicians to perform


DIFFERENT WRLD co-creators Honey, Nettie, and Roxanne dreaming up the creative hub buildout plan
DIFFERENT WRLD co-creators Honey, Nettie, and Roxanne dreaming up the creative hub buildout plan
We are black led.
We are women-owned. 
We are queer operated.


We are committed to accomplishing our mission of breaking down barriers for creatives while we take care of our employees. We will start ALL employees at a living wage. We will make sure we are fully staffed so folx can take mental health days. We make sure all our sourcing is top notch quality and individuals up and down the supply chains we work with are paid fairly. We make sure our strategy serves both our community AND our team members.

We don't claim to be a company that knows it all, but we have dedicated our lives to continue to learn and make sure that WE keep us safe.
With the help of our community, we've gotten a lot accomplished. But, we still have the final stretch to go. Even though we’ve raised a good bit of money so far (and we are so grateful to all of you angels for this), the reality of it is we’re still at a critical moment with funding.


Photoshoot produced by Different Wrld and shot by Eathumans.
Photoshoot produced by Different Wrld and shot by Eathumans.


We believe every business should operate out of intention and integrity. 

We are asking for additional help from our community because we're trying to live this belief in the opening of Different Wrld.


Rendering of the Creative Hub checkout desk by Shelter Collective.
Rendering of the Creative Hub checkout desk by Shelter Collective.


SO FAR . . .

  • Secured the lease on a centrally-located space
  • Created a buildout plan and started building out the space (rough in is complete!)
  • Collaborated with local non-profits 
  • Created a program to pay and uplift local artists through collaborative projects  
  • Worked with international media outlets to highlight the voices of the asheville underground art scene
  • Engaged with our community to hear what resources they need most 



  • Finish our buildout! get inspections complete and get the a-ok to move in!
  • Secure and purchase additional operational equipment and furniture 
  • Secure creative hub equipment like photo studio lighting, cameras, software
  • Start hiring initial staff and have funds for payroll


Honey styling a fellow artist for a photoshoot.
Honey styling a fellow artist for a photoshoot.


This project is our love letter to the community. This is a statement of proof that everyone is creative and that everyone should have access to space and tools to grow their creative spark.

It would mean so much for you to support us and be a part of our community. 

We want to know what a DIFFERENT WRLD looks like to you. 

Will you help us build it together?


Thank you angels – we love you truly and can't wait to see you at DIFFERENT WRLD !! <3



HOLD U music video shoot for local artist Indigo De Souza
HOLD U music video shoot for local artist Indigo De Souza






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