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Fostering life-long learners and high achievements through the arts

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Project Description

"Allowing all students to embrace their natural curiosity of learning; while developing artist skills, knowledge, and professional experiences" 


"Music is good for the soul"

It was 1995 and my love for music was growing quickly.  I was a member of the youth choir at my family church, family gatherings were filled with music & laughter, and OutKast was letting everyone know that "the South got something to say".  Creative expression was all around me!

I needed to hear, learn, and feel music all of the time.  

I had no idea how much more the arts could impact my life until one sunny day...

Arriving at my Grandmother's house before my aunts and uncles was like winning the television lottery.  As I flipped through the channels, my ears were caught by the sound of roaring applause. 

There sat a symphony orchestra....the conductor slowly raised his baton.....and as the sounds of Igor Stravinsky's "Rite of Spring" began to fill the air, my calling to the arts was complete. 

The musicians were talking to each other without words.  It was the most beautiful conversation that I had ever heard!  I knew from that moment forward that I was destined to be a musician.

When I saw the instrument that was playing a beautiful solo, I said "I will not play that thing. It's bigger than me!"

Two years after that faithful day, I began my journey with my first instrument..... "that thing" ....the bassoon. 

My name is Kimberly Cook, and I am the owner of The Musical Corner, Montessori Music & Arts.

Those very words started the vision of The Musical Corner as I danced with my youngest brother during our childhood. 

After being diagnosed with Autism as a toddler,  music therapy became largely beneficial to his life.  Sharing drums, rhythms, and popular songs/tunes in music & movement were the perfect avenues for us to communicate with one another while embracing our individual growth and learning curves.

It Was All A Dream

In 2014, I moved to Atlanta to further my career. 

This move allowed me to build rapport with the surrounding communities through private lessons, further my skills as a music educator, and learn/grow in Montessori Philosophy.  My time working with children through therapy with music reminded me so much of the joy that I shared with my brother throughout our childhood.

In 2020, The Musical Corner, LLC was officially formed.  


TMC is a proud member of the Georgia Federation of Music Clubs; an affiliate of the National Federation of Music Clubs. 

Following the Montessori philosophy, The Musical Corner, Montessori Music & Arts provides stimulating, artistic, and creative experiences for all ages.  Our students are trained in the arts of classical, baroque, jazz, and contemporary performance.

All classes and lessons are uniquely designed to provide a rotating repertoire, allowing our students to become well-versed in their area(s) of study. 

Through guidance from professional musicians/artists, students are well-versed in playing their instrument, music theory, music history, music performance etiquette, composition/arrangement, and so much more.

Today, I am asking for your help to purchase new performance pianos, art supplies, and audio engineering equipment for our students! 


This campaign will directly support families, artists, educators, and others who preserve and promote learning through the arts.  Everyone deserves affordable, quality education.   Everyone deserves to be able to enjoy learning and expressing themselves, no matter their age or background.

Without a way for the youth to learn and grow as they develop through life, we are in danger of losing our creative voices, interpersonal skills, and love & appreciation for the arts and each other forever.

Your gift of donation today will make it possible for countless others to pick up an instrument– a camera – a paint brush – sing louder – and share their love for learning. 

Through the generous support from various donors, we have been able to bring the arts to numerous families. I am now asking for your help in raising our first reach goal of $30,000 to provide the high quality performance instruments and learning equipment to our students.

And together, WE CAN DO IT!!!

Every dollar raised will go directly towards all start-up costs & sustaining our new home long-term.  Start-up costs include:

  • promotional cost (online and printed direct mail)
  • purchasing needed instruments, audio engineering equipment, and learning material
  • music instruments/art supplies/photography equipment

 We do not have to stop at $30K!  In fact, anything above this goal will be allocated towards:

  • long-term care of performance pianos (tuning and cleaning maintenance) 
  • opening a second location to expand online/in-home services
  • funding our tuition assistance/scholarship program for low-income families 
  1. Surpass our campaign goal
  2. Purchase equipment (music instruments, audio engineering equipment, art supplies, etc)
  3. Open more music & arts schools throughout the Metro Atlanta and surrounding areas
  4. Provide healthy learning environments & opportunities for educators and students as they grow in their field
  5. Provide scholarship/tuition funding to low-income students

Surpassing this campaign will allows us to bring professional, affordable Montessori education to countless families.

Imagine a world without music for sporting events...on your phone....coming from passing cars as you walked down the street or relaxed in the concerts for you to attend.

Sounds like that life would be flat. *musician joke*

The absence of music & arts programs in schools leaves a void that was once used for learning, growth, creative expression, and genuine camaraderie.  Halls that were once filled with colorful art & sounds from the band are becoming colorless & mute.

By introducing the arts to students through the Montessori philosophy, students are given the respect of learning on their curve.  Feeling the appreciation for each other's musicianship naturally builds confidence in our students.  That confidence then pours over into their interest in learning, personal growth, and being positive role models among their peers.

Our public music performances & art gallery showcases bring students and families of all backgrounds together to share their love of the arts.

As we are the only operating Montessori Music & Arts in Georgia (possibly the entire nation), our market for success is enormous.

We appreciate your help in making our dream a reality with your best gift today!

Preserver of a Beautiful Culture

Over 20 years ago, I was formally introduced to the bassoon.  From the moment of playing my first note, I was determined to learn this beautiful instrument.

Expanding my musical knowledge & technique, I was a member of the concert band (bassoon), marching band (drum line/drum captain), indoor marching drum line, and percussion ensemble while in high school.

At age 17, I had the honor of performing throughout Europe with Spirit of America National Honor Band. 

During my collegiate years, I was a mentor for Big Brother Big Sister of Rutherford County and a bassoonist on various album recordings with the Middle Tennessee State University Wind Ensemble.  I have been blessed to become a professional bassoonist who currently plays with various orchestras throughout Georgia.

I am also a proud member of Sigma Alpha Iota International Music Fraternity, Inc.   

The art of creative expression is in every aspect of life; building core skills, academics, professional development, etc.   The Musical Corner is my contribution to the preservation of quality education, high achievements in the arts, and fostering life-long learners. 

It is my calling to provide the arts through Montessori to students and their families. 

My youngest brother was, is, and all ways will be my inspiration for fulfilling the need of connecting with Special Needs children and families.  From the moment that I felt music growing our connection deeper as siblings, I knew that I was destined to provide a haven to those who share the love of being life-long learners and lovers of the arts.

With an abundance of gratitude and an open heart, I share my dream with you today.  In honor of the arts, I ask that you share this campaign with others.  

For it is the arts that connect all of us in so many ways.

On behalf of The Musical Corner, I would like to give my deepest appreciation for all of your donations!  I would like to also give a huge appreciation to God for blessing the world with the life of my youngest brother.  TMC was created with a vision, to be a haven for all unique children/families to learn & express themselves.  I am beyond blessed to be his big sister and share our love of learning with everyone!

A Letter From the Arts.....

"You Are Appreciated"


The Campaign FAQs

"What are you raising funds for?"

  • A: The Musical Corner is currently raising funds to continue our of offering affordable Montessori education through the arts throughout the metro Atlanta & surrounding areas.  This campaign will provide countless families with tuition assistance to low-income families, affordable instrument/equipment rental & purchase, educational training & opportunities for teachers, and quality Montessori education to everyone.

"What are your long-term goals for The Musical Corner?"

  • A: I plan to have multiple locations & open full Montessori School of the Arts for all ages in various states.  We will be able to bring Montessori to low-income & African-American communities, connect families, & provide resources to educators & Special Needs families, as we preserve the love of learning & the arts for everyone.

"What classes do you currently offer?"

  • A: We currently offer private lessons (all ages/instruments), music group classes, photography, & art classes.  Lessons & classes are offered in the students home & virtually. Photography classes meet at a designated location in the city to explore each week. Curriculum-based small group classes are Mommy & Me for ages infant-5 years. 



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