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Support Artists In A Community of Iconic Mentors

Starr 44 is a non-profit organization that supports entrepreneurial artists in the music business and other creative industries.

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Project Description

  • We support these kinds of artists, we focus on education. We focus on innovating new paths in the industry. We focus on the integrity of the business. We focus on undeniable authenticity. We focus on the art. We focus on the history of those who have paved the way before us in their greatness. We are the Starr 44 Artists.

  • Starr 44 is a non-profit organization that supports entrepreneurial artists in the music business. Ali Starrlight owner of the organization is also an artist herself, and puts other women first in their development. "I am passionate about alliance members and have seen major improvements with them being in this program, learning about the business of music and the impact they can have as an empowered independent artist in full control of their message and direct reach with their fans. I will never leave them behind in this journey, we are all moving forward to create a better environment for females in this business."

    Your contribution will help fund the development of Artists growing to impact society. As they seek to continue their education, resources and momentum during the heavy hit from the global pandemic we are facing during this time. The Starr 44 women are passionate about making their fans feel safe, heard, understood and creating an experiences their fans can live with for the rest of their lives.

  • Funds will be allocated towards:

    • Operational Budget

    • Artist development via education, skill and professional training with iconic mentors

    • Entrepreneurial business opportunities


The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How will this benefit the people working for your organization? People working for Starr 44 have worked very hard to make sure that the organization stays up and running 
  • Salaries for employees will be allocated so that workers in our non-profit family can continue to have jobs during this time and support their families. Organizations like Starr44 are crucial during this time when many feel no hope. Maintaining employees without cutbacks and layoffs is an important part of the morale of Starr44.
  • Artist Development allows artist to continue in their craft to make money for themselves. An industry that is still thriving, artists have the ability to continue making music and their artistry  in ways that better the communities. 
  • Funds given to Starr 44 help to empower the social impact of the company. Knowledge in any industry is power. Empowering others with education to run their own artistry business in ways that also give back to the community is a part of the foundation of Starr44.


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