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Sudz Empowers Women 2021

In continuing to grow and expand Sudz Handmade I am determined to connect and empower more women in business. When one woman wins, we all wi

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Project Description

The mission of this project is to connect and empower women starting Small Businesses to reach their full potential with support, product launches and a community of cheerleaders!

So many women have incredible creativity and talent but are unsure how to share it with the world, or, are shy or reserved when it comes to a social media presence. Sudz wants to fix all of that by providing an online marketplace for them to showcase their creations and assist with social media help and coaching. My goal is to not only help get their product out to the world but also connect them to other women who can assist with all aspects of their business.

All Canadian women new to business or dreaming of it could benefit from this. Having 1 place to go to meet and connect with like minded women who will root for you and help guide you is absolutely key to success!

Funding would be used to expand the online marketplace to include more women in business as well as engage in hosting events aimed at showcasing Women in Business. 

From my years in business I've been blessed to connect with dozens of like minded women who love to lift eachother up. This community is ever growing and I want Sudz to be at the forefront of helping women believe in not only themselves but in their talents!


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