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Studio for Creatives

Starting a combined studio for photographers. They can rent the space on a monthly basis. Photography will be taught to kids for free.

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Project Description

  • I am a wedding photographer with my own photography business looking to start a combined studio in my hometown that other creatives can rent on a monthly basis. I would also like it to be a place where we can mentor the younger generation on photography and keep them out of trouble.
  • I know what it’s like to not be able to afford studio space and what it’s like to just try and make it work. I’ve tried to rent air bnb’s for the day to take family photo sessions and the house owners aren’t willing to cooperate without you renting the house for several days. If an air bnb costs $300 a night, how can I possibly make money on any photo session.
  • This would be a one of a kind space focused on affordable photography and helping others succeed. Photography is an extremely expensive hobby/ business to get into. Especially when we are talking studio space.
  • The market in the area is great. Most people are military or college students and neither can purchase a studio for use. Military families don’t stay long enough to buy something and college students generally can’t afford it
  • I am seeking funding to purchase a building on main street in our home town. The building is historic and has beautiful floor to ceiling windows with natural light.
  • I have no team. It’s just me working on this project. I’m 27 years old. Trying to work nights to spend as much time as possible with my toddler.
  • Thank you for reading about my studio idea! Any help is greatly appreciated, even if it’s just more views on my website.


The Campaign FAQs

Where would the studio be located?

I found a building that I absolutely love in Junction City, Kansas on their Main Street. 

How would the monthly membership for other photographers work?

The members would pay $100 a month for unlimited access to the studio. They can use any props that are there and charge whatever they would like for their sessions. All sessions will be booked through an online scheduler to make sure that two photographers aren’t trying to use the space at the exact same time. Sessions through the website will be on a first come first serve basis.

Time will be set aside a couple nights a week to teach free photography to kids in the community where photographers may not have access of the complete studio.

Photographers will also have the opportunity to work an evening teaching kids in exchange for $25 off their membership fee.

Will you be providing cameras for the kids in the community?

Entry level cameras will be provided to the kids at the beginning of the class and will be returned every night to ensure they don’t get broken, lost, stolen, or sold.


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Monetary Contribution

Just Because I Care

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