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Southern Kingdom Housing Funds

businesses in Minnesota that provides social services to individuals that are struggling to pay rent, electricity, or buying groceries.

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Project Description

At Southern Kingdom Housing Services, we believe that all people have the right to housing. Our company is dedicated to guiding individuals through the process of renting again and giving them the skills/tools how to avoid getting a UD on their record.


Our main goal as housing advisors is that we are responsible for promoting tenant independence for individuals who are experiencing or who have experienced long-term homelessness through skill development and building on participant’s strengths to assist them in maintaining their housing.

  • Our main focus is to help the black and brown communities.
  • Our vision is to eliminate the housing system that allows landlords to put an Unlawful Detainer on an individual record.  We will achieve this goal by educating elected officials on the barriers it is creating for individuals. Giving individuals the tools to navigate the complicated housing system, through grassroots organizing and lobbying. We will work to eliminate this policy at the local and federal level.
  • Funding will go towards: housing assistance, food support, utilities, clothing, and gas.
  • Myself
  • Any small donation will count and will go towards our clients


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