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Sonic Sommelier: Making Music Match the Moment

Honey+Vinyl uses the science of sound to mindfully pair music with food, mood, and aesthetic to optimize the human experience.

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Project Description



Music is the indescribable joy sparked by a beautiful voice; the memory relived through a classic tune; the happiness felt from the first few notes of your favorite song. It has the ability to transport and transform, to influence and engage. It’s one thing to recognize this power; it’s another to know how to use it.

The unintentional misuse of sound and music creates noise, which creates a countereffect. 

With our signature Sonic Sommelier™ approach, Honey+Vinyl designs custom music experiences and sonic branding using the science of sound to optimize the human experience.

Our target market includes events industry professionals, and brands who understand that sensorial experiences restore humanity in an age of technology.

Funding will help to supplement costs associated with business related expenses and assist in continued research and development. 

Our team runs on collaborative effort, led by Founder and CEO, Keanna O'Quinn, with the support of freelance artists.

 We sincerely appreciate the support of our funders and thank you for being at our side. 


The Campaign FAQs

Is Honey+Vinyl a band?

Yes. Honey+Vinyl started as a multi-piece performing an impressive repertoire of jazz, pop, soul, R&B, hip-hop for high end private events. The company has since expanded our services to include not only live performances, but also short film scoring, custom sonic logos, and music supervision, and consulting.

Does Honey+Vinyl have employees?

No. Honey+Vinyl is an artist collaborative comprised of freelance artisans.

Where is the company based?

Honey+Vinyl is based in Brooklyn, LA, and Chicago, and provides their services globally.


How else can we support Honey+Vinyl?

We'd be happy to connect via email at to share other ways you can support the Honey+Vinyl team. 


Monetary Contribution