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Sleep Easy Anesthesia, LLC.

Mobile anesthesia company that specializes in providing anesthesia services for dental offices.

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Project Description


Our Mission

Sleep Easy Anesthesia, LLC., is a locally-owned mobile anesthesia company. We provide anesthesia services utilizing certified registered nurse anesthetists or CRNAs. A CRNA is a highly trained anesthesia professional, licensed to provide anesthesia care to patients of all ages for any medical procedure. Our primary focus is our patients and ensuring that they receive the highest quality of care and access to that care. 

What We Do

We primarily provide anesthesia care in dental offices for pediatric patients that do not meet Medicaid requirements and do not have private insurance. In the event that a patient does have private insurance, the likelihood of coverage for dental care is extremely low. With this, we have identified patients that "fall between the cracks" and struggle to receive adequate dental care. By providing anesthesia care in the dental office setting, we can eliminate access to care issues that stem from financial burden, provider availability, local hospital/surgery center vacancy, and the challenges of caring for a pediatric patient. 


We primarily care for the pediatric patient. The market size is one that is difficult to measure and varies significantly. The challenge to quantify the need in the community is multifactorial but is primarily due to socioeconomic status, education, lifestyle habits, school schedules, and the stigma associated with the need for anesthesia for a dental procedure. 

What is your company about and how does it solve the problem? 

We provide an anesthesia service that allows the dental offices in our community to seamlessly utilize us as a means to increase access to care for patients. These patients would otherwise have delayed care or no care at all. Sleep Easy Anesthesia, LLC., can help increase access to care for our community while decreasing costs, preventing emergency room visits for dental pain or infections, and establishing/maintaining good rapport with a patient's psychosocial relationship for dental care. 

Why are you seeking funding and how will you spend the funding?

We are seeking funding to assist us with marketing, advertising, and educating our community about the services we provide and to increase access to care. In addition, funding will be utilized for medical equipment, supplies, and medications.

Who is on your team?

Currently, Sleep Easy Anesthesia, LLC., consists of five anesthesia providers and five registered nurses that work together to continue to provide access to care in our community.

Where To Find Us

Thank You!

We are so incredibly grateful and humbled to accept the Visa North Dakota Grant and the one year coaching membership with IFW. Thank you to all of those involved in the selection process and also thank you to the many patients we have served in our community. Making a difference in our community has been and will continue to be the greatest reward of all.


The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why would anesthesia services be needed in a dental office?

Many people, especially children, are unable to obtain routine dental care due to a multitude of reason such as; anxiety, maturity level, dental pain, and the need for extensive dental work. When routine dental care is neglected, dental caries, decay, pain, and infection may result leading to another cascade of issues no one should have to experience. With anesthesia, dental care can be provided and subsequent relief from the aforementioned.




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