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Lux Holistic Infused Cooking Oils

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Project Description

With the state of the world today, what the most common thing people are in need of? PEACE to be at ease, calm and less stressed!!!

Wouldn’t you like to come home to some lavender infused chicken wings?

Vidaluxlook, brings health and taste to the next level with just that flavor and benefits.

Ceo is a Single mother black family had health issues, researched alternative methods for remedies food therapy.

Value added products:

Properties LPO of Lavender:gets your mind  at ease, smells good, calming, tastes good, soothing, at peace. Not fda approved but calms anxiety.

Properties of Rosemary:  rich source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds known to boost alertness, intelligence, and focus.

Our goal is to assist all individuals with directing them on the right path to living a positive healthy holistic lifestyle. We are strategically filled with motivation and ambition to help others with our oils by food therapy, dedicated to our customers to make sure that they are extremely satisfied with our products. With the proper capital and support we can expand our brand nationwide in stores and become a top tier household name.

with these funds we will continue to send sample boxes to online creators who push product monthly.

Daily IG posts, and email marketing Privy. Hand to hand, word of mouth day to day. In additon, the chef sponsors cook with oils montly posts online for ads.

Cooking Events:

Celebrity Chef sponsored Events in multiple cities in the U.S.


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