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Sensory Room Project

The Sensory Center is working to install sensory rooms in any public space in order to create a more inclusive world for all people!

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Project Description

Our companies’ mission is to make any space an inclusive environment for everyone. We plan to do this by helping organizations design and install sensory rooms and space, as well as provide environmental modifications, suggestions, and products to make their location a more inclusive environment. We believe that all people should have access to all environments, regardless of unique abilities or sensory needs. We currently are in the start up stages but wish to expand nationwide. We are seeking funding to obtain products at affordable prices to make building inclusive locations more accessible for all organizations. We also will use resources to market and expand our services in order to reach as many locations as possible. As an occupational therapist owned company, I am very passionate about this mission and helping our communities become better, more accessible, and inclusive environments for all its members. Thank you so much for your faith in our mission!!


The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the benefits of sensory rooms?

Promotes a positive and inclusive environment and provide a safe space for individuals who need a place to self-regulate without judgement. Research shows sensory rooms:

· Improve a persons emotional state

· Decrease levels of anxiety, distress, agitation and aggression, and physiological stress and pain

· Increased self-esteem and confidence

· Help to increase focus and working memory

· Aide in self-regulation and promote more positive behaviors

· Decrease self-injurious behaviors

· Increase in communication skills

Who would benefit from a space?  All people and families benefit from inclusive environments. However the rooms are designed for people with sensory processing disorder, anxiety, intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorder, and more


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