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We are living in a day and age where children are more in to electronics , than

physical activity. So they are constantly just sitting in front of a screen. Art and

Science are no longer prevalent in schools or home, and because of that children

are losing interest more and more. Art and Science are both very therapeutic to

many children who suffer from Anxiety, ADD, ADHD, etc. A place where children

can be creative and also have fun with the most popular item, slime, would be

great but there is no place offering that here yet. We are going to create a creative

space where children can create through science and art. Slime is the latest and

most popular item now for kids. Children will create a variety of different slimes

and have the opportunity to accessorize it at our topping stations. We will also

have a sensory pool for experience. There will be motion interactive games for the

children to enjoy as well. We will be able to provide home schooled children,

children with mental illness, camps, schools, etc. a place to bring their children

and allow them a safe space to be free and creative.

The reason I need the funding is because I am a 2 time domestic violence

survivor which led me into becoming a survivor of suicide. My children, my purpose, My passion and helping others are what keep me happy. I am a single mom who has been working to get out of the debt caused by my abuser. I don't have the funding I need unless I take my checks from work which will then put me in more debt. I just need someone to believe in my dreams. Thank You in Advance for all of you Angels who will support me on this journey. 


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Monetary Contribution

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