Send Him Back To The Playground

Send Him Back To The Playground About young people learning the power of friendship and forgiveness

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Project Description

I’ve at post sound production and editing. I need funds to buy more equipment another Camera which broke programs for editing a larger external hard drive and another computer that will hold more data. The studio in Glendale, California is a distances away where all of my original music is being recorded and Master for the movie. This is my first time filming all locations were donated to me by family friends and the church. I’ve tried a business loan but because of a divorce left me with bad credit and identity theft also two people are in jail. Car messing up. But i keep going I believe God where theirs a will there is a way. My new movie has no sex drugs profanity violence its family friendly Comedy Romance movie.

I want young people to see and know they can  experience and enjoy life In spite of their culture genre and environment.

Thank you for your support prayers and love.

For a new beginner

Be wonderfully bless

Pastor Sandra Jefferson Author Director Producer Screenwriter filming singer-songwriter.