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Science Sistas, Inc.

An NFP organization providing resources to help diminish the barriers that Black women face entering into professional healthcare programs.

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Project Description

Science Sistas, Inc. is...

A not-for-profit organization created to provide resources to help diminish the barrier that women face entering into graduate biomedical and professional healthcare programs—especially young Black and African women. We offer guidance and scholarships to young women who are near the completion of their undergraduate or graduate degrees and seeking entry to professional healthcare programs. For young women who may not have access to a professional mentor or who may have questions, we provide career exploration opportunities and down to Earth advice in various science disciplines.

The Problem and Solution

Access to proper test preparatory materials, resources, and the cost of applications, as well as the standardized test itself, are a barrier for entry into graduate biomedical and professional healthcare programs. This barrier keeps dedicated and educationally able students from being able to apply to these programs. Therefore, we have created an organization that offers resources, test preparatory materials, and scholarships that can be used to fund application fees to young deserving Black women, seeking entry into these fields. Our organization targets Black women specifically, for the scholarship; however, all other resources are granted to minority women of all races. We want Black women to know that somebody cares for them and the advancement of their education, as they DESERVE to be in these spaces.

"Financial barriers to medical education include not only medical school tuition, but also costs related to applying to schools, preparing for and taking standardized tests, and tuition for schooling prior to medical school. Not only do individual students bear these costs, but their families do, as well." - Knight

-Source: An American Crisis: The Growing Absence of Black Men in Medicine and Science: Proceedings of a Joint Workshop  


As we are currently in our start-up phase, funding will cover operational expenses (~$10,500). Additional funds will be used to provide scholarships to Black women that are applying to professional and graduate biomedical programs. Lastly, any remaining funds will be used for community engagement and hosting programs for young black students to increase their engagement with and exposure to STEM.

Meet Our Founder

Tyona Scott, MSMS

Tyona (Ty) Scott, born and raised on the Southside of Chicago attended the University of Kentucky, where she obtained a Bachelor's degree in Economics with a double minor in Political Science and International Business. As a career changer, she attended a post-baccalaureate program at the University of Michigan and completed her Master of Science in Medical Sciences at the University of Kentucky. She will be starting her first year in medical school at the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine in August.

After applying for medical school, Ty began to reflect on the total costs of the application process and the financial burden this can have on the student and their family—thus Science Sistas, Inc. came to be. Ty is passionate about health disparities, empowering women, and helping to reduce hardships faced by members of the various communities in which she belongs. 

In no way am I doing all of this by myself, but for confidentiality reasons, as a private company - the additional members of my team cannot be listed. 

We appreciate ALL contributions to our organization! 💞


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