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Savvie Cards

Seeking funding to revolutionize the electronic gift giving marketplace.

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Project Description


Gifts are supposed to be a joyous experience, yet somehow this has become less personal for both the giver and receiver when it comes to digital gift cards. Savvie Cards was created to bring joy and surprise to digital gift giving! Creating a better way to send gifts without having to leave your home or shop at a store. We are an online marketplace that adds thoughtfulness, speed and convenience to digital gift giving process. Customers can choose digital gift cards from a range of over 300 top national brands and retailers and personalize it by adding our original e-greeting cards, a video, or a photo message, that will instantly send to your recipient via SMS text, email, or social post – the ultimate digital gift card experience!

  • Convenient and fast, Sends from anywhere on phone or computer.
  • Delivered instantly via SMS text message, social post, or email.
  • Plenty of e-card options for any occasion.
  • Perfect for social distancing or last-minute gifts.
  • Never lose a card, ability to save to mobile wallet.
  • Gift cards can be exchanged by recipient for equal value to store of choice.
  • No paper, No plastic, Same impact!

We have seen the gift card industry grow immensely over the last decade, where it is now a multibillion-dollar industry. We have also seen a trend towards digital gift cards. Although still an exceedingly small segment of the industry, the popularity of digital gift cards is growing year on year as consumers look to “go digital” wherever they can.  

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In  recent times, we have become more creative in terms of how we celebrate various occasions. Savvie cards is the perfect way to conveniently share special moments. Help us reach our goal so that we can be an avenue of spreading joy one card at a time!


                                                   Contribute any amount to help us reach our goal!


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The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

Digital Gift Cards
What is a digital gift card and how does it work?

A digital gift card works similarly to a physical gift card, except it is completely digital. A digital gift card is sent straight to the recipient’s mobile phone number and email address. The recipient will receive an SMS and email from us containing a link to the digital gift. The recipient simply needs to click on the link to open the digital gift card and view the redemption instructions. The digital gift card can then be stored on the phone’s digital wallet, saved to the recipient’s account or printed.

How do I personalise the digital gift card?

Once you have chosen your digital gift card, you will be given the option to personalise it with selected add-ons, such as an eGreeting card, pictures, or video message. Please note that these are all digital options, and nothing physical will be sent to the recipient. On receiving the email from us, the recipient’s digital gift will come to life and “unwrap” on their mobile device or computer.

Are there any delivery fees for digital gift cards?

No! Delivery is free and completely digital.

Can a recipient change the gift card to a different store?

Yes, the recipient can change a gift card of equal value to the store of choice.

Can my digital gift card be used in-store and online?

Every retailer has different redemption policies, so we advise you to check with the retailer before purchasing a digital gift card. The redemption instructions will also be displayed on the digital gift card when received. 

Can I add more funds onto my digital gift card?

No. Digital gift cards are not reloadable and extra funds cannot be added.




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Give what you can just because you support our concept.

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Monetary Contribution

Give what you can just because you support our concept.

18 Supporters
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