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Saturday School Fund

In order to transform the editorial landscape, we need to uplift, empower and hire Black creatives.

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Project Description

Saturday School is a media platform that amplifies the diverse stories of young Black creatives and progresses the conversation on what it means to be Black and "excellent". Our aim is to inspire, uplift and educate the new generation of Black entrepreneurs through community outreach, storytelling and small business partnerships. 

For years the editorial and creative space has been primarily white. Despite many "diversity" efforts, Black people are still grossly underpaid and underrepresented. As a Black-owned and run platform, Saturday School is here to change the editorial landscape.

Like every great idea, funds are needed. Your donation would go towards: 

  • Paying Black writers, photographers, videographers and designers 
  • Production and printing costs for our annual magazine, The Yearbook
  • Custom Merchandise 
  • Annual events (The Meet Up, The Anniversary Party, Small Business Partnerships, etc) 
  • Office / Studio Space 

If you've gotten this far, thank you so much. All donations are truly appreciated! In the meantime follow us on Instagram @welcometosaturdayschool to stay up to date on our happenings. 


The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

How will we know our money went to the right place? 

Saturday School is a brand built on integrity and 100% of our funds always go towards creating the beautiful and meaningful work you see on our website. Unfortunately, a lot of that money is currently out of pocket, so we would like to get a head start this year.

Why do you find it so important to pay your creatives? 

Our goal is to truly change the trajectory on what it means to be a Black creative. More often than not, people don't get a chance to truly craft their skills because they don't have the time to do so in between working their full-time job. So we want to give those the opportunity to show off their skills and have a little coin in their pocket. 

Where do you see Saturday School in the future? 

Outside of growing the editorial and social platform, we are currently working towards building strong brand partnerships. In addition, we will be launching more purpose initiatives such as mentoring and panel events for young Black kids. 


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