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Sanctuary Co.

Life Is A Ritual

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Project Description

Sanctuary Co. is a marketplace for products that help you harness your highest vibration. The funding will go towards the first 8 pieces of the jewelry aspect Sanctuary Co. Eight affirmation rings (I AM, AGAPE (unconditional love), MANIFESTING, ABUNDANT, IN FLOW, DIVINE FEMININE, ENERGY, VIBRATION).

We all have different spiritual practices and the goal to spiritual ascension is harnessing your internal power and trusting in your ability to co create with source. When we first set out on our journey, we can find it hard to maintain a high vibration every moment of the day. Sanctuary co. helps you to fully embody this high vibrational energy and remind you of who you are by adjusting the environment around you. Whether it be the jewelry you wear, the decor you have in your home or the books you read. We aim to be a beautiful hub for all things that help bridge the gap between you and your highest self. 

I am seeking funding for the initial development of the first 100 pieces of the product. Once sold the profits will be re invested again and again to create this spiritual holistic marketplace. Currently we are a team of two moms. 

Thank you in advance for your help bring this vision to life. 


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