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RUNfully Global docu-series


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Project Description

Connecting the world beyond borders through fitness


In 2022, RUNfully Global will premiere a docu-series & we’d love for you to be a part of it!

  • Our mission is to connect the world beyond borders through fitness of the mind, body, and soul. We pair uplifting digital streaming content with an ambassador program to create empowering events around the globe.


Why is it so hard to stay consistent and reach your full potential?


  • There’s so much inspirational content available that may give you the motivation to start. Still, one major problem is that emotional content alone doesn’t provide the consistency or community needed to reach your finish line dreams.

  • And so much emphasis is put on the hustle culture. You have to work harder, faster, stronger. This leads to burnout and feeling like you failed.


Our Solution


We are a production company that takes your physical, spiritual, and creative goals from start to finish


  • Our content will inspire you to take a leap in a positive direction. It will also provide you with adventures including: retreats, a mentorship program, events around the world, an ambassador leadership program, and a community of awesome people because it is way more fun if we run together.

  • We have an emphasis on a supportive global community. Our content will open your heart to new cultures.

  • We are a balanced mind, body, soul approach that incorporates breaks, celebrations, and connection to your spiritual side. We push you to move past your walls in a supportive and easy way.


We are seeking funding to:

  1. Complete the full edit of the RUNfully Global series with our Indonesian ambassador

  2. Fully produce the next 7 episodes of the series that’s like "Carpool Karaoke" for fitness

  3. Hire a team to support how far RUNfully is meant to go including an assistant, editors, and a graphic designer. 

  4. Join a mastermind program that will help launch RUNfully Global

  • We currently have ambassadors in India, Indonesia, Brazil, and Mexico

  • This is a movement that is going to change the world




All I had was one ticket to Indonesia and a flight home from New Zealand. With limited resources, I set out on a mission to find people of all ages, ethnicities and abilities. I intended to give running tours of their cities and share how fitness has changed their lives. This 8 part series will take you on a month-long journey across 7 countries. You will be inspired to use running as a metaphor in your life. I encourage you to open your heart to different cultures. You can do this through unique stories and run entirely towards your dreams, no matter how crazy they seem.


Often, we can feel like something is holding us back from our full potential. We blame ourselves, but we are more powerful and beautiful than we even imagine. On my journey, I found that a community of amazingly supportive friends is always waiting for you when you take a risk. The little moments matter most, and life is way more fun when we are leaning into our big dreams.


I hope this series inspires you to take the first step towards the exciting thing that’s calling on you. This is the start of a community that will encourage you to make it across that finish line!!!


But we absolutely can not do this without your love and support. We rise together.


ABOUT THE RUNFULLY SHOW (That’s like "Carpool Karaoke"):


  • Thank you so much for being a part of funding this movement!!! Your support is so appreciated. We would not be able to do this without you. 



The Founder of RUNfully Global


Hey everybody! I’m the founder of RUNfully Global



6 years ago, I had heart palpitations and didn’t think I could run past 3 miles. Crossing my first half marathon finish line in 2014 was incredibly life-changing - both physically and spiritually.


Since then, I’ve documented my mission to run 13 half marathons in one year while singing, dancing and sharing life lessons. Somewhere through all that, my heart palpitations disappeared! And to prove we can connect beyond borders through fitness, I ran 5k’s across 7 countries while interviewing locals.


After working as a production coordinator of Taco Bell Corporate’s internal video team, I took a leap of faith to begin my career in the entertainment industry. As part of his inspirational production company, Wayfarer Entertainment, I left my corporate job as an executive assistant to actor, director and social entrepreneur, Justin Baldoni. I was allowed to coordinate an episode of the CW primetime special “My Last Days” as well as a carnival for over 4,000 people experiencing homelessness.


I developed my love for creating content and experiences that matter there, and RUNfully was born.




I’ve been through so many ups and downs to know there’s absolutely no low you can sink to that you can’t find the strength and the help to overcome. All it takes to experience great joy and find your purpose in the process is to get back up and try one more time. Giving the gift of encouragement, support and a little push to help others get back up and run is my life mission. I can’t wait to share more of my story and begin this next chapter with you.


Let's Run. Fully. Together. Forever.