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RUDD. The Label

Black Woman-Owned Minimal Streetwear Brand.
Looking for funding to expand our fast growing business!

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Project Description

RUDD. The Label is a minimal streetwear brand that focuses on quality, and creating timeless clothing & accessories that can be worn, styled, and used in hundreds of ways. As a minimal brand, we want to be the blueprint for style by creating products that can be transformed and integrated into anyone’s wardrobe. 

Fashion is subjective. People are always looking for different options when it comes to clothing and accessories, and often times those searches consist of looking for basic, yet practical items. Ultimately, we want to be to be able to create minimal unisex clothing and accessories that can be used in anyone’s everyday life to provide not only style, but comfort and convenience.

Black "humble." T-shirt
Black "humble." T-shirt

Funding is essential for maintaining the quality and consistent positive experiences our consumers have. All funding will be used for materials, production of items, marketing, and for compensating the small but mighty team behind RUDD. The Label

The team currently consist of the founder and CEO, Zoe Ruddock, the COO, Pauline Ruddock, and the media manager Malvern Kirvin. 

RTL Thank You Card
RUDD. The Label Thank You Card

As a black and woman-owned business we know how important and how strong support from others can be. Your support has the power to change the trajectory of our plans so we can provide you with our new products even earlier than intended.    

From the bottom of our hearts thank you, not just for your financial contribution, but for believing in RUDD. The Label

Thank you.


The Campaign FAQs

Is RUDD. The Label a t-shirt brand?

  • Nope, we just consider ourselves a brand. We have started with our "humble." t-shirts to reflect our humble beginnings, we have cool things in the works right now! 

Do you have a website?

Who founded RUDD. The Label?

  • Micro influencer, Zoe Ruddock.  

Check her out & subscribe to her Youtube channel here:

Here is her Instagram too:

What kinds of products can we expect to see from the brand?

  • Dope accessories- Headwraps/bandanas, bags, and more 
  • Streetwear- More t-shirts, long sleeves, jackets, bottoms, loungewear 
  • Swimwear 
  • Novelty items 
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Malvern Kirvin
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Monetary Contribution
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Monetary Contribution

Thank you so much, your support is everything!

5 Supporters
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Monetary Contribution

Thank you so much, your support is everything!

5 Supporters
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