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The Roze Academy - Goal Digger Fund

Creating profitable businesses from profitable plans!

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Hello! Welcome to my crowdfund! 

My name is Bri Jacobs and I operate 'Roze Academy', a business hub for women who are looking to quit their 9-5's and pursue their passions fulltime! 

I recently developed The Goal Digger's Profit Planner, a journal/planner for the boss lady that is filled with so much power and energy to get entrepreneurs geared for planning a profitable business. Actually, that is why I am here! I believe in the power behind this book so much that I am avidly in the funding mindset for so that I can reach the masses and help women get to where they want to be.

  • The mission of the profit planner is to take away the headache of understanding HOW to plan an effective business  and set realistic goals for their business to take off.
  • I solve the problem of presenting critical business steps that are frequently missed by new entrepreneurs in one book. The planner is a guided resource that strategically presents key business planning and goal setting points in a way that increases the entrepreneurs  confidence, measures growth, and creates a mindset of being in business to create a living as opposed to maintaining a hobby. 
  • The profit planner is geared towards female entrepreneurs, age 21-35 who are either looking to start a business or who have already started a business but aren't seeing exponential growth despite all of their efforts. The market is huge - 70% of my following are new entrepreneurs who were not prepared for the lifestyle change that comes with entrepreneurship and wold greatly benefit from this book and from other ebooks and digital offerings I have. 
  • The Roze Academy exists to fuel a fire of passion into women who are serious about making their businesses a primary source of income. Outside of the digital products and services, and the profit planner, Roze Academy aims to create a sisterhood where leaders are groomed and the possibilities for growth are endless. 
  • I am seeking funding to permanently hire staff (Social Media Manager, Email Marketing Manager, Ad Manager), print bulk print copies of the profit planner, employ an upgraded shipping system and manage advertisement needs. 
  • Currently: myself - owner, Alexis Watts - Social Media Manager, Brittany Smith - Email Marketing Manager and a freelance (varying) ad assistant currently operate the Roze Academy. 

I would like to sincerely thank you for your consideration in helping me create a booming platform for women who would benefit from these products and services. Your donation /contribution will be appreciated and use for the goodness of women who need our services. 


Bri Jacobs

Owner - Roze Academy, Resources for Goal Diggers


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