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Round Table Editorial LAUNCH!

RTE is launching the first editorial that offers authors access to a personalized team of professionally trained editors for their books.

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Project Description

Hi there!

We're Round Table Editorial.


What's an editorial?

An editorial is a branch of publishing that makes sure a book's manuscript is polished before it's sent to a publisher. It's also used in conjunction with publishers to get a book to tip-top shape before going to print.


Why are you starting an editorial if they already exist?

Editorials today exist in the same capacity as they did fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty years ago. Writers are paired with a single editor with whom they may or may not see eye to eye. We believe that writers deserve a team of editors that function as a sample audience with a professional gaze. One editor alone simply cannot account for the increasingly diverse audiences facing writers today.


Are we freelance editors?

Simple answer: No!

Our structure is purposefully modeled very differently than most in publishing. We work kind of like a law firm might, which means we focus on quality control in professional services.

Searching for editors within our company is also very different than searching for freelance editors. Hiring the right freelance editor is like, excuse the cliche, searching for a needle in a haystack. Our structure is built so you get the closest match to your ideal, and then a few more editors for the diversity of ideas and editing styles.

And, since we're a company and not freelancers, our authors are given insurance on our services. We guarantee that if an editor no longer fits the project, writers can switch out lead editors or team members. 


What does the money we raise here go toward?

Like any startup, there's a lot of backend costs that go unseen. We still need money for personalized business emails so that our clients know they're working with us and not some stranger who made a Gmail kind of similar to our name. We need a business zoom account so we can work with our writers remotely because we know how elusive an introverted bunch can be. We'd love to be able to advertise on a few platforms so we can get the word out there that publishing is changing. We need to make sure our editors have access to computers at all times for the client's sake; if a laptop breaks we have to replace it immediately.

We are so lucky that today we can work almost entirely remotely, removing the overhead costs of brick-and-mortar, but it adds more pressure to be extremely present online. Access to design platforms is essential to our success, making the monthly costs of platforms like Canva vital.

And, as almost any writer can attest to, we're not the strongest with numbers. We know that the financial aspect of a business is the veins of the whole operation, which means we'll need someone to help keep our numbers in check so we don't do something silly. We need access to an accountant whenever there's even a hint of a question.


But why should you invest?

Small businesses like ours can't exist without the help of the community it's in. Right now, we live in a global community that we are looking to help, but to do so, we need a little help first. Getting these startup costs covered would mean that we can provide jobs to those in an industry that people keep saying is shrinking despite the overwhelming influx of own-voice writers finally walking onto the scene. We can't even begin to change a decades-old industry without the people like you backing us. Round Table Editorial can push literature to a height it's never been before if we can just get our little toes in the door before it slams on our noses.


Who is running this operation, anyway?

Meet the team!

Rebecca Perrette, Co-Founder | CEO

Rebecca Perrette


Laci Felker, Co-Founder | Chief Media & Relations Officer

Laci Felker


Ray Magruder, Co-Founder | Chief Operations Officer

Ray Magruder


Emily Drez, Co-Founder | Chief of Quality Management


Truly, none of us could do this without you. Since this is our first venture into entrepreneurship, we have no clue of all the hurdles we face. Money can't fix all of them, but it would give us some wiggle room we simply don't have right now. Each one of us, Rebecca, Laci, Ray, and Emily, come to the plate as writers first; we know how the field works and why it's not functioning well, but we don't have the kinds of financial backing that large publishers do in order for this to be our primary jobs as we start from the ground up. If we can fund this first year until December 2022, we'd sleep a whole lot easier.


The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How much do we charge for our editing services?
    • Our rates vary from project to project. If we receive a work of fiction that needs developmental editing, we start at 4 cents per word with two editors on the team. 



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