Revere: Women Reclaiming Their Bodies

We're shifting the cultural narrative of the strip club to celebrate and revere women for their bodies and expression.

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Project Description

Hi, I’m Amy Segreti, and I’m on a mission to help women fall madly in love with their bodies and the infinite beauty of their authentic expression.

After spending time deeply immersed in women’s circles and ceremonies over the past year, in addition to becoming a certified women’s sex educator, I’ve seen first-hand the power of women embracing and loving their bodies—and how it can change the world.

In this time of global change and unrest, we need empowered, embodied women more than ever.

That’s why I’m creating Revere.

Revere is a pop-up embodiment party filled with dance, connection and beauty. It has been running as a monthly “underground” event in a private residence in Boulder, Colo., occurring on the Saturday closest to the Full Moon. My intention through crowdfunding on iFundWomen is to take Revere global.

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The mission of Revere is to reclaim and disrupt the narratives of the strip club that no longer serve us, and shift the space into a temple to honor the feminine, with the added elements of group connection for all genders.

Because all of us—men and women, feminine and masculine—need this healing.

Each Revere event is a unique and carefully curated mixture of embodiment practices, free-form dance and interactive connection exercises—with a handful of sexy performances in the middle of it all.

Revere is divided into three acts:

During the first Act, attendees engage in a meditation to drop into their bodies, embodied movement/dance, and one-on-one communication and connection.

Act II encompasses sensual art performances. This is where we take the Western cultural narrative of the strip club and flip it on its head. Loving witnesses bear offerings of roses, chocolate and yes, money, to hold space for and cheer on the women, who express their whole selves in their performances. Women who have been witnessed in this way have called Revere “life-changing”!

Act III is a purposeful mystery, weaving together ancient practices of the sacred masculine holding space for the wild feminine, visualization exercises and closing ceremonies.

The event is a dance between the “Dirty” and the Divine—without diluting either.

Attendees and performers have called Revere “life-changing,” “freeing,” “magical,” “inspiring,” and “majestic.”

Why am I the woman to lead this movement? I have a background as a dancer, longtime entrepreneur, journalist, event organizer, advocate for women’s wholeness, certified yoga teacher, and certified women’s holistic sex educator. These lived experiences and qualifications give me the unique, immersive perspective of what is behind us, what no longer works—and what is emerging.

At Revere, we believe that the soul and the sultry must be reunited if we are to truly see, accept and honor women in their full empowerment.

We believe that sexuality and spirituality are one in the same—and we are no longer willing to accept their estrangement in Western society.

I want to take Revere across the country and the world—hosting events where women and men can feel seen, heard and honored in their bodies.

We’re raising funds to make global change for women with Revere—but we need your help.

We want to grow Revere from an experiment happening in private residences in Boulder to an established event in multiple cities to catalyze global change for women. We’ll start by taking Revere from coast to coast in the U.S., to Los Angeles and New York City—and many more cities in 2017.

As for right now, it’s just me, and the amazing friends who have supported me along the way. In order to spread Revere globally, I need to cover production costs, back-end website/design costs, marketing/promotional costs and most importantly, hire and train part-time event producers in cities all around the world.

And we can’t do this without you!

When you support this campaign, I want you to know that you are supporting women to become more fully expressed, embodied, witnessed and healed.

And what do those kinds of women do? They change the world.

Thank you. I’ll see you at a Revere event soon!