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Pure Body Love startup small business

A pathway to self love

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Project Description

Here with Pure Body Love My mission is to provide women with natural body care products free of harmful chemicals. 

 The problems that I would solve would be skin problems ,women dealing with ovarian  cysts, heavy menstrual cycles , and feminine hygiene  issues.

My market size would actually be world wide if possible . All women of all races obtaining a happier body in a natural and healthy way.

Pure Body Love is based off of self healing  and self love . My products and services help with that push to make her smile again ,make her feel great within herself. 

I am seeking funding to purchase bigger equipment to help produce  large quantities of my products and to purchase a building to give the services  Pure Body Love offers and also sell the products out of there as well not just online.

I am a sole proprietorship but I have the support of many friends.

I would just like to thank each and everyone for believing in my dreams and passion in helping our beautiful women feel great and loved again. You are truly appreciated. 


The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is This product vegan friendly?

Yes all products are natural plant based

Does this product have any major side effects?

None unless you have an allergy to almonds then we substitute that oil base



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