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Project Description

 Project S.A.V.E is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping survivors of domestic and sexual violence heal on their own time and own format. 1 in 4 women will be sexually assaulted in their lives, and 1 in 6 men will also be sexually assaulted in their lifetime. We exist to bring awareness and fight back against the stigma associated with rape culture, domestic violence, and violence in general. Currently we serve all of Philadelphia and Delaware County but we are looking to expand to different counties and cities in the coming years. Therapy is just one part of healing so we explore unconventional ways of healing and also let the clients decide their path to their journey. With the stigma surrounding sexual violence and domestic violence, individuals will often heal in silence and for years battle between coming out and revealing what has happened to them. By providing a safe space for individuals and allowing them to determine how they want to heal we can work on core values that can help towards that goal. We are seeking funds for general support and to keep up with allowing all of our services to be free and open to everyone. We will spend the funding on activities and programming and will be able to expand some of these activities to different counties and cities. We currently have 2 therapists, 3 instructors, 3 board members, 2 directors, and one CEO and Founder. We would like to thank everyone who believes in us and our journey. We wouldn't be here without you! We hope you can continue on this journey with your favorite #healingcrew


The Project FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do I get for a contribution?

Depending on the amount it can range from any Project S.A.V.E gear, social media shoutout, a thank you gift bag, or all of these things.

What amount will help?

ANY amount will help. No amount is too small.

Can I come to your events free?

All of our events and services are free so you sure can! You will get a special shoutout if you do come.

How do I know that the money has went to events?

We will let you know ahead of time what event is being planned thanks to your contribution!