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Presenting our first Season of Audio Episodes!

Talking ins and outs of wellness/intimacy-- the mindset, overcoming trauma and interesting techniques shared by real women! Season 1 is here

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Project Description

PHRO COLLECTIVE was born during the pandemic, as part of a conversation between founder Shubangi Sunder and her group of girlfriends. All women were raised in conservative cultures (India, Greece, Brazil, Oman).
One question kept coming up: "When was the last time you or your girlfriends had a no-limits, honest conversation about s&x"? 
The answer was a resounding "I don't think I ever have.

PHRO COLLECTIVE along with THE ORANGE HEART set out to make this right by researching 200 women across conservative cultures, conducting 30 one-on-one honest interviews and 10 direct-to-mike recordings. These women had various s&xualities, preferences and interest but all identified as AFAB. 



CAPSULE #1: SIS I BLEW IT (Talking Blowjobs)

We are Phro.Co (PHRO COLLECTIVE), a rare safe space for real women from conservative communities to share honest accounts of their s&x lives.

PRESENTING, our first s&x capsule -- a series of audio recordings featuring the real voices of women sharing their stories of s-exploration - physical, mental and emotional. It explores bl@w jobs where our girls talk about the polarising topic of giving and getting bl@w jobs. We have some pretty incredible insights!


Is giving head a headache?

You were taught that 'good girls' just serve. No expectations. 
You get set off when someone goes down on you.
You do not know what to do with 'that thing' in your mouth.
You do not want to bl@w someone you've just met. 

We hear you. And are here to say: we got you!

Slow it down and heat things up
at the same time. 


A quick look at what you will get if you fund us:

Audio episodes running from 4 to about 10 minutes