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Pour for Fun

Pour Your Heart Out With Candle Making.

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Project Description

Memories are those unforgettable aspects of our lives we cannot just do away with. They tell much about us and more often than not, shape who we are. They become part of our everyday lives that even in our subconscious mind lurks a picturesque description of the memory we harbor. These memories could be sweet memories shared with friends, families and could also be personally cherished moments. Having these memories creatively preserved through candles made together presents a unique opportunity of exponentially combining two components in an inimitable concept. The first is the classic idea of having the opportunity to make candles with loved ones, the other is the blessed opportunity of exploring one’s creativity. Rolling these two concepts into one may be said to be the springboard of our idea of a candle palace.

Pink Sage Candle Company is an established candle making company that sells candles online and locally. We are looking to open what we will call Pink Sage Candle Palace based in Valdosta, Georgia that is actively involved in the provision of a candle palace where people can come over and make their candles. The essence of creating the candle palace is to provide the target market a place where they can relax, create memories using candles while also having fun. It is often said that memories that are made with families last longer than anything. We afford families in each neighborhood the opportunity of creating these memories in our candle palace by creating unique candle pieces which they can take with them. Our customers are allowed to express themselves with the colors and style they prefer and that identify with them. The candles are done with eco-friendly materials and this allows us to reduce the impact of industrial wastes on the environment.

An intriguing part of our business is the fascinating ambiance of our palace. The aura that oozes from the creative artistic designs of our candle palace creates a very captivating touch to our customers who would want to get carried away with our art deco and colorations. The designs are made to be particularly enticing and pleasing to kids. We are very much not oblivious of the fact that kids’ creativity ultimately starts from their childhood where they prefer to express themselves by getting involved in various creative activities. Research has shown that children who paint better at their early stage tend to become smarter and problem-solving individuals later in the future. We do not overlook the children but rather, embrace them while still providing classic customer service to all our categories of customers.

Pink Sage Candle Palace will be seen as the premier choice of the candle-making palace for families and friends in our base because there are no similar businesses in our area. The business will target families, students, couples, and single adults, all categories of individuals in our community who would like to be creative. We will be dedicated to providing consistently high client satisfaction by rendering excellent service at a competitive price. And the work environment will be one of the respects for its clients and its community at large.

As we build our company and our relationships with our partners, we will continue to focus on the long-term health of our company through steady and controlled growth and search for new and creative ways to work. We will create a healthy, enjoyable, exciting, and motivational work atmosphere in which individuals are empowered to take on responsibility, develop and present ideas, educate themselves and others, and use their talents and abilities to their fullest capacity.  All the company’s activities will be coordinated from our location in Valdosta, Georgia. The building will be strategically located to open the company to partnerships with the target market.

Funding will allow us to secure a building and supplies to form an establishment that will be open five days a week for families to come and enjoy a day of leisure.


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