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Karina Maryland
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Project Description


Plexus is a social network analytics company created to meet the growing demand and complexity of the 21st century and beyond. It organizes and simplifies access to the complex relationships built in your town, your state, within your nation and around the world. We intend to both simplify and expand each user’s ability to rapidly access the talents, skills, and abilities of their contacts and extended network. Plexus allows you to automatically access the resources of your network in order to assist on your next project. Plexus is both an asset for the social entrepreneur and venture capitalist alike.

Plexus enables you to access the hidden  information buried in the internet.  It  gives you insight into one of your most valued assets – Your Contacts and those of your friends!  What is buried behind the Google search?  What meaningful knowledge lies behind the Facebook page?  Through a virtual collaborative space  that plumbs the depth of business relationships, you too can find out!


My experience is in social services, nonprofit and public sector agencies that share a common frustration with the lack of coordination among services. It became clear to me that present solutions were not enough. Often, there were duplicate services, events, resources, and the noise in the system often obscured critical data or hid opportunities that were right in front of them.

According to this year’s USA Today – “Roughly 20% of new businesses survive past their first year of operation. That was the case two decades ago and is still the case today. However, around half of all businesses no longer exist after five years. Only one-third make it past their 10th anniversary.”

In Baltimore it’s even more critical that we don’t let anyone fall through the cracks, that we can provide the safety of a community to support each other.


As of right now, you’re only as strong as the social capital of your business, who you know, who those people know, word of mouth, Google, Yelp reviews. But what if you could flip through the yellow pages and find exactly which companies you should work with?

Plexus in it’s design is intended to improve in-depth access and efficiency for the most valuable asset of any executive, manager, or entrepreneur. The experience, knowledge, and relationships of their friends, associates and extended network. Online social relationships, previously unrealized, and now can be become new business opportunities and sales prospects.  Because, your Rolodex is your company.

In Conclusion:

We’re seeking funds in order to hire a data architect, data engineer, data scientist and software engineer.

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  • 09/28/2017
    Plexus: Monetary Contribution With No Reward