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Please help Fry’s Fun Farm 🐑🐐🐷🐇🐥🦆🐄🐴

We hope to continue our mission bringing the farm to your homes and into your hearts and finish prepping our facility to open to the public

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Project Description

Our mission:

Our hope, here at Fry’s Fun Farm, is to not only continue our mobile operation but to also open the gates of the farm to the public. This will enable us to serve far more people that may not have an occasion to have us out to their location or simply may not be able to afford the hourly rates we must charge.  

Devastating effects that COVID-19 has imposed on the business:

Please consider for a moment the fact that we have over 300 animals to care for on the farm.  Our business has been brought to a complete standstill due to the nature of it being centered around social gatherings and celebrations.  Now, with over $100,000 in cancelled events and reservations at a near halt, our estimated losses are well into six figures.  We had drawn tentative plans for a park that has been our life long dream.  Then COVID-19 happened.  With all of the foreseeable income vanishing day by day, the plans had to be put on hold.  Due to the inherent danger of people coming together, it has been nearly impossible to retain or schedule any events.  

The history of Fry’s Fun Farm and what we have to offer:

Twenty seven years ago, we pondered the selections of entertainment that parents had to choose from for their children’s birthday parties; moonwalks (bouncy houses), magicians, jugglers...and we thought wouldn’t it be fun to take baby farm animals to their parties?  Most had probably never seen baby pigs and such before.  It would be a fun learning experience!  Some skeptics told us no one would ever pay to pet a pig.  Despite the naysayers, we forged ahead and Fry’s Fun Farm was established.  Over the next several years, the business grew and we built up a nice clientele.  Due to our growth, we decided to expand our services adding pony rides, using miniature horses opposed to full size, and shortly after that, adding a train.  In 2013, my husband and I divorced and I kept Fry’s Fun Farm.  My then two teenage sons stayed to help me. They both grew up in the business. We continued to grow exponentially and realized we had gone as far as we could with the mobile portion and it was now time for the next phase which was to open a park at our location.  As I mentioned earlier, this is our dream; to finally be able to open the doors to the public and let them see the farm that has been coming to them for 27 years like they’ve never seen it before.


What $100,000 will pay, fix, purchase, renovate and build:

$6000 will be used for mortgage and current bank loans.  Another $4000 will be used to continue purchasing feed, hay and other necessities for the animals.  Every remaining dime of the $90,000 will be used to purchase the materials to build and prepare the park. We will do all the work ourselves. That, along with resourcefulness and careful spending, will make that money worth far more.  It’s how we’ve always done it.  Hard work teaches you the value of a dollar, and how to stretch it as far as you can.  In addition, by personally doing the work, it will allow us to maintain a higher level of quality control throughout the park. The purchased materials will be used to construct an admissions office, a parking area, state of the art cage free habitats for all of the animals, restrooms, and a concession area. The funds would also go towards insulating and climate controlling the petting zoo area of the barn so that we can be open regardless of how the weather is outside.  Our first project will be building a climate controlled rabbit habitat that will allow them to live in their ideal temperature, 68 degrees, year round.

I have applied for the EIDL (Economic Injury Disaster Loan) and I am waiting for a reply.  I have since learned that this loan may be used to support everyday business expenses; payroll, utilities, mortgage, etc.  But, it may NOT be used for facility expansion or renovation.



We have NEVER had the need to ask for donations.  We always managed somehow that is, until now.  It is an humbling experience to ask for monetary support.  My two sons, Douglas and Richard, and myself want nothing more than to continue our work of 27 years bringing beautiful baby animals to your homes and into your hearts and to make these experiences possible for years to come. We will consistently strive to make Fry’s Fun Farm the absolute best it can be for our customers, our animals, our team and our community.


We want to thank you for taking the time to read our story and to listen.  To know that someone is listening is comforting.  We deeply appreciate your consideration and generosity.  Have a blessed day.



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