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Plants & Poetry Journal

Support our nature literary journal. For every submission, we plant a tree/seed. We offer plant & poetry education too.

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Project Description

We offer plant and poetry education to reconnect with the soil and ourselves. Every plant comes with a poem that teaches one how to care for the plant. We host workshops to include: starting hydroponics, worm composting, writing poetry, poetic remedies, and more. We began this business because each us has something unique and beautiful to share with our community. My business partner, Kelsey, has a way with bringing sick plants back to health. Friends and family were always bringing their sick plants to her for plant treatment. As our house began to grow full, I began writing poems for each plant because poets do strange things like this. We thought...we could share this. 

Our future goals include maintaining an online nature inspired journal to connect poets and gardeners. For every submission, we will plant a tree or type of vegetation in and around our neighborhoods. We want to share the importance of edible landscapes and afro-indigenous farming practices. We will soon begin an online subscription that provides our community with plant and poetry education for a small monthly fee.

Regarding social impact, we believe that the heart of our business benefits our community which is why we still operate the way we do. We share and promote businesses doing the same work as us because our region desperately needs both agriculture and literature. For our minds, our hearts, and our future. 

We are starting this campaign in order to maintain operation and slowly grow for the next year while COVID-19 continues the lock down. We will use these funds to continue a subscription to platform. This will allow us to reach more writers and creatives for our new nature inspired literary journal. This journal is a new project that will replace our in-person events and plant sales that have been dramatically affected due to the Coronavirus. This lock down is preventing us from participating in three very big outreach events: Art in the Garden and Lavendar Festival, and the Woody Festival.


The Campaign FAQs

How often do you publish the journal?

We publish a new issue every month.

How does the journal provide revenue?

Every person that submits, pays a small fee. We also welcome small business and nonprofits to place ads inside the journal. We redistribute these funds to the writers and the artists after we have covered our staff costs.  We will soon begin an online subscription that provides our community plant and poetry education for a small monthly fee.

How long has the journal been operating?

Our first issue was be June 2020.

Do you anticipate the journal continuing after COVID-19?

Yes - our goal was to maintain this journal long after, but due to our events cancelling we are pivoting to an online driven strategy in order to reach more writers, artists, and gardeners through all mediums.


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