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Optimum Accounting - it's all about counting!

Help Entrepreneur with disability create fully developed working space to provide clients speedy and profesional accounting services.

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My name is Indrė and I am from a small but beautiful country in Europe called Lithuania.

I am curious and friendly; I love animals and I enjoy traveling and searching for new experiences. All this is true but 99% of people could probably say this about themselves, so I'll share a slightly different story with you: I have been living with cerebral palsy since birth.

It did not stop me from graduating high school, going to college, having a job that I love, doing handicrafts, spending time with my dog, or having dreams and goals. One of my biggest dreams is to finally have a comfortable home adapted for a wheelchair user.

And it seems that my dream will become true – soon I am planning to rent and to move into wheelchair accessible apartment!

But I have one more area to improve in my life. I have been working as an accountant from home for three companies since 2015, but due to my disability, I had a hard time improving in my career area.

Since 2015 several of my employers tried to get financing from different authorities to develop my workspace but we did not manage to reach financing.

Two months ago I established my company MB "Optimum Accounting" and my employers became my clients – my dream is to create a fully developed working place to work from home (COVID-19 has learned that we might work from home from time to time for several more years) or if I will go to rehabilitation for several weeks or even if get a chance to travel and see the world a little bit.

Sadly, due to circumstances, private banks are not willing to help to grant me a loan to develop my workspace due to my disability, low income,  to COVID-19, and unstable economy.

So, I decided to wait no longer and to act! And the solution is... crowdfunding! I believe that miracles come through ordinary people and maybe some kind persons will help me to improve in my professional area!


Optimum Accounting - it's all about counting!



MB "Optimum Accounting"

Indre Kruckauskaite


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What are the benefit of donating?

Backers will help give opportunity to improve my business.

I am thankful to each and every backer. Whether it be $1 or $1000, each dollar makes me one step closer to our goal.





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