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OM Organic Mixology LLC

Organic beauty and wellness products made with passion, love, and high-quality ingredients. Much more than's a lifestyle!

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Just a bit about me, my company (OM Organic Mixology), and it's mission. I have always had a fascination in homeopathic and holistic medicine. In the beginning, I was on a career path in nursing until an injury sidelined that dream. I figured that now was the time to move on to a new dream of mine. I have always considered having my own business, and have had a fascination with alternative medicine and remedies for as long as I can remember. I also believe that what you put on your skin is as important as what you put in it.

OM Organic Mixology will produce high-quality, organic, and effective beauty and wellness products. A lot of research and trial and errors have gone into making this line of products. Finally, I feel confident in my product line to move on to the next step. Currently, my team consists of family and friends, whom are also kind enough to be my beta testers. 

My plan is to keep my product line simple, and I look at selling mostly online. Since I'm just starting to get my company off the ground, I plan to keep the target base small then grow from there while also expanding my product line. I am currently in need of funding for larger quantities of product ingredients and packaging materials (something that POPS). After that, I will be able to start selling my products to the masses.

I appreciate anyone who can help make my dream a reality. Thank you.



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