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Project Description

IMG_2839Hello, I am the owner of Oceanside Tanning and Spa here in Downeast Maine. I was born and raised in Downeast Maine. I have left and came back many times, after receiving a Bachelors degree in Mental Health & Human Services I decided I wanted to come back home. I ended up back home for many different reasons. One being that it’s one of the most beautiful places in Maine and second it’s a natural healing place for my allergies and well being. Lastly, I wanted to come back to work in the community to create a positive atmosphere and healthy well beings. It’s the little things that matter the most.

Currently in the Eastport area there are no tanning/spa salons and got to thinking, maybe my family and I can open one! I immediately started writing my business plan, created a website for my business and started my ifundwomen account. Why? Because sometimes it’s a community effort to get something great started for the people. As I started to form my business plan I added more and more opportunities for the community. We want promote and create healthy lives within the community. I am a board certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor and naturally I want to find alternatives to help relieve stress and negative symptoms of stress such as, depression, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, etc. So, why is my focus on skin? Let me tell you, our skin is our blanket and protector.

Everything around us affects our skin, stress, substance use, smoking, many different disorders and diseases. These alternative therapies are on the up and up with great success stories, they’ve literally changed lives! This is what we want to be a part of and this what I want our tanning & spa to stand for, wellness and changing lives. To get everyone on board and contributing I’ve created a lot of information for you below.


Creating an atmosphere where you can come to relax and create a self-care regime that works for you to improve your well-being.


So, some of you may say, “how big is the need for this? Or, “just another tanning salon.” Well, this is not just another tanning salon. For starters there is not one in our community. This is a retreat right at your fingertips! When I gathered some information from current residents  they say they have to travel 30 minutes away to go tanning. Not to mention 90+ miles for any type of spa retreat. This is very frustrating for women who are hard workers and have no place to turn to when in need of a good massage, tanning or some red light therapy. I live in Maine, which some or many of you may know we don’t get a lot of sun. This creates deficiencies and disorders in our community.  Not to mention, getting some vitamin D half of the year is basically impossible between work, school, kids, whatever it may be. Vitamin D is only one of many needs here in Downeast Maine. I want to create alternative therapy for people who suffer with physical, mental, substance abuse disorders, pain, and discomfort. I want to create a positive self-esteem in ways they never thought possible. A lot of people in Downeast Maine don’t know the benefits and effects these services will have on them. I want to educate them and show them this really works. One of the big reasons for wanting to start this salon was for the hard working women in Downeast Maine who don’t take the time for self-care. Self-care is so very important to prevent burnout and stress. I want to create spa packages that fits every woman’s needs. My main target customers is women but essentially it’s for anyone who wants to receive Spa services. If your not completely sold, please do keep reading for my goals and benefits of the tanning & spa.

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  1. One of our goals is to have two top of the line Ergoline tanning beds w/ face tanners. The tanning salon I have went to only had one bed and it seems like I was always having to wait around! Busy women don’t want to wait because of their schedules. I want to accommodate for the hardworking busy women and have one bed for walk-in’s and one bed for appointment only.
  2. Our second goal is to purchase a red light therapy bed. Red light therapy involves emitting red, low light wavelengths through the skin to stimulate cellular rejuvenation, increase blood flow and stimulate and restore our collagen. This bed does not emit UV lighting and is safe.
  3. Our third goal is to purchase a hydration station with massage features. This station is for hydrating the skin and becoming very popular in tanning salons.


  1. Once established and find the right size building, we are going to offer massage services and that is where the spa packages you see on your right will come into play.
  2. Eventually we want to provide an online appointment booking system to our website. This will allow our customers easy access to booking an appointment from home, work, anywhere.
  3. Lastly, we want to provide acupressure therapy using magnets. As I stated above, I am a certified Substance Abuse counselor and acupressure has many benefits for the mind, body and soul. Acupressure with magnets give similar results as acupuncture without the invasiveness.


Tanning bed using UV 

Tanning beds are widely used for mostly getting a tan. Pretty simple. Well..that’s not all. Tanning beds are proven to have good benefits as well. This isn’t much different than sitting outside for a few hours versus laying in a bed for 12 minutes. Same difference.

What are the benefits?

  1.  Vitamin D –  is your main body’s source of essential vitamin and can get this from using a tanning bed.
  2. Body Weight – sunlight stimulates the thyroid gland which boosts your metabolism. As someone with a thyroid disorder, I can benefit from this.
  3. Psoriasis – 80% of sufferers show improvement with UV exposure.
  4. Stress – UV decreases adrenaline levels and releases endorphin’s for the feeling of well being.
  5. Seasonal Affective Disorder – “Cabin fever” or “Winter Blues” sufferers show improvement with exposure to UV light.  We all know winter in Maine is long and crabby!
  6. Acne – some have reported that it helps clear the skin.

Redlight therapy bed – What is it and what does it do?

  1. Increased immunity & reduced side effects of cancer treatments. Research shows that red light technology can successfully reduce symptoms experienced by cancer patients, including painful side effects caused from radiation or chemotherapy.
  2. Wound healing & tissue repair. Red light therapy has been shown to positively affect skin cells through regeneration of immune cells all found within skin tissue such as acne scars, rosacea, eczema, neuropathy, psoriasis, even athletes feet!
  3. Anti-aging effects for skin & hair loss. Subjects treated with red light therapy experienced significantly improved skin complexion, improved skin tone, improved texture/feeling, reduced skin roughness, reduced signs of wrinkles, stretchmarks and fine lines, and increased collagen density as measured through ultrasonographic tests.
  4. Improved joint & musculoskeletal health. Red light therapy is now being used to treat arthritis and fibromyalgia symptoms thanks to it’s capability of stimulating collagen production and rebuilding cartilage. If you suffer from joint pain, nerve pain, muscle pain then this bed helps with just that.
  5. Reduced depression & fatigue. Red light therapy has been shown to increase self-confidence, positivity, passion joyfulness, laughter, social awareness, conversation skills and sensory stimulation in some patients.

All of these great red light therapy benefits are so vital and very important in ones life. Please feel free to do your own research if your still a skeptic. 😉

Hydration Station

How it works?

The system increases local circulation while it naturally cleanses your body with a proprietary blend of radiant heat and steam, known as hydro-fusion. A specific blend of skincare nutrients and active vitamins are infused into your skin during your slim & smooth experience.

What are the benefits?

  1. Natural body cleanser.
  2. Get to enjoy a relaxing massage.
  3. Beautiful sculpted appearance.
  4. Improved skin tonality and texture.
  5. Ultimate moisture retention.

How money will be spent:

All monies will be spent on beds; tanning. hydration station, and red light therapy bed. Small things like tanning products, acupressure magnets, marketing and business tools. A small portion of the money will go into paint, chairs, towels, and essential oils.

So, I am hoping I answered all your questions and concerns. My flyers that are posted around the community will have a contact number is you are needing more information. Please, if this is something you would like to see come together for yourself and/or the community, donate today! 🙂

Thank you in advance!