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Oat Butter - Better for You Oat Brand

Reimagine Oats | We harness the power of the humble oat to promote health and wellness

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Are your favorite spreads healthy for you and the environment?

Many staple nut butter spreads contain ingredients that have a negative impact on the environment.

HYDROGENATED OIL: Has been said to contribute to heart problems and weight gain. It is a fat that has been linked to atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries, and is added to make foods more shelf stable.

PALM OIL:  Has a direct impact in decimating the environment and destroying the habitat of many animals. Emissions from the palm oil industry alone are projected to release 558 million metric tons of carbon dioxide — more than the national emissions of Canada in this year alone.



Not only are oats healthy for you, oats are also healthy for and add value to the environment:

  • Oats don’t deplete underground water aquifers
  • Oats provide excellent soil erosion control
  • Oats greatly reduce the need for herbicides
  • Oat by-products can help replace fossil fuels in power generation


 Why Oats? 

For centuries, oats were the main ingredient that powered workhorses who fed America. The infamous Quaker Oats, founded in 1901, positioned oats as the supreme grain and household staple in America. It was the breakfast America went to work on and the grain that mother's depended on when feeding their growing families.

Oats have been and continue to be a superfood that works hard so you don't have to. With its "staying qualities" and sustained energy release to fuel the men and women who made America what it is today, we are please to partner with the humble oat. 

The Butter Way to Fuel

Unhealthy eating habits, coupled with busy lifestyles, have contributed to health issues in America and around the globe. Such health issues include high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity.

We want to solve this problem. 

This is why we created Oat Butter.  

Oat Butter is at the innovative intersection of spreadable oats and nuts. It is made with simple, functional, and raw ingredients to fuel your heart and mind so that you can show up to do your best work, everyday. 

Oat Butter is packed with all the goods, without the guilt.

There are no refined sugars, chemicals, artificial ingredients, or preservatives.  

We created the ultimate spread, packed with protein, fiber and healthy fats, to give you a healthy kickstart to your day.

Oat Butter boosts brain function, heart health, sustained energy release, weight maintenance, and muscle recovery.

We take these high-quality ingredients and turn them into...


*WARNING: We are not responsible for any drooling or damages to your device this may cause.*



We want to bring new oat-based wellness powders to market. Each powder will be packed with superfoods that target areas like skin, immune and gut health. We want to bring healthy back by way of the humble oat. Each plant-based oat powder is versatile and can be used as a protein substitute, a face mask and even as Oat Butter by mixing it with your favorite liquid sweetener! Our first batch of oat powders will be the following world flavors:

  • Baobab Beauty - Baobab powder is Africa's best kept beauty secret, and other superfood powders, you will be able to nourish your glowing skin how you want, wherever you are.
  • Lucuma Gold - Lucuma powder from Peru is considered the gold of the Incans, it is rich in calcium, antioxidants, and fiber.

We’re seeking to raise $15, 000 to cover the cost of research and development, inventory, branding and marketing. 


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